What ever happened to "12 Hour Cold Relief?"

I seem to recall that when Contac hit the market many years ago, it was a capsule and its advertised effectiveness was 12 hours. Soon after, many other products advertised the same 12 hour span before additional dosage was required. Now, I don’t see anything, to include Contac, on the shelves that works beyond 4 hours. Was there a problem with these medications being too strong?

Aleve D Sinus & Cold is a 12 hour decongestant. It’s one of those drugs you have to sign for at the pharmacy, tho. Maybe it has to do with the laws that came in to effect?

Robitussin has a “long lasting” formula, out on the shelves. I don’t remember if it’s 8 or 12 hour tho.

The good cold medicines all contain pseudoephedrine, which is too useful in making meth for the government to be entirely OK with it being easily-available. That’s why you have to ask the pharmacist and sign for it, even though you don’t need a prescription for it.

If it’s a cold remedy that was widely available and useful in the 1980s and disappeared at some point in the 1990s, it seems fairly reasonable to conclude it disappeared because it had pseudoephedrine and became a victim of the meth scare.

You can still buy 12-hour Contac. I thought Contac switched from capsule to caplet after the Tylenol poisonings, but I could be wrong. The regulations against over-the-counter pseudoephedrine were enacted in 2005.

It’s prescription only in Oregon. Sucks for a law-abiding citizen to have to go to the doctor for the sniffles.