What ever happened to Caller ID?

Why dont cell phones have this feature anymore?

I recall back in the 2000s when I had a landline it would ID cell phones. It would be in the name of the contract holder.

Does anyone have a landline that confirm if they still have cell phone caller ID.

Why dont cell phones? Is there some law against it? Seems like a simple and desirable feature.

Where have you ever seen a cell phone without caller ID?

My cell phone only identifies a caller if the caller is in my Contacts list. I think the OP is referring to a caller ID that will identify who the caller is in any case (or at least who the number is assigned to). My cell phone does not have that feature - it tells me the city and state of the caller and nothing else.

Huh? I’ve never had a cellphone that didn’t tell me the incoming number. This is going back to 2000. There may be the occasional blocked or unknown caller, but almost all numbers come through for me.

No, the OP is correct.
For some unknown reason cell phones only show the number. If the number is in your address book, the phone will look up the name and display it.
If the number is unknown, the phone only shows the number. I can’t imagine why the name information isn’t transmitted.

Oh, if you mean name,no. Just number. (Never had landline called ID, so thought just number.)

they still have it and its built in the land line phones but theres so many ways around it its useless ……… 90 percent of the calls are spoofed I have a phone through the cable company and the caller id pops up a square on the tv if its on

Maybe things have changed, but this is the way it used to be:

Only the phone number of the caller is sent to the terminating switch with the phone call, the name is not. At the terminating end, the switch checks the data base it has access to in order to see if it can find a name matching the phone number. Phone companies do not like to share this info, so generally you will only see the caller’s name if the calling and called parties use the same phone company.

And, if like me, you have a prepaid phone, my cell phone company does not know who the heck I am.

When I said “it tells me the city and state of the caller and nothing else,” that wasn’t quite true - it does, (of course), also tell me the phone number from which they are (allegedly) calling.

They think you’ll pay $5/mo to see the name.

Caller name is provided by a service called CNAM. There are many CNAM providers in the US, each with their own database names/numbers. Typically the phone company will not have their own CNAM database but contract with an outside company.

The way it works is a caller id comes in with the call, your phone company sends the caller id to their CNAM provider who then responds with the associated name. Each lookup in the CNAM database will cost your phone company some fraction of a cent.

Looks like most cell phone providers consider it an unnecessary expense, especially since so many caller ids are spoofed these days.

Some more info on caller id/name:

I never had that feature. I assume that it was a feature of the US cell phone system, which has completely changed since 2000: the underlying technology is quite different.

Either that, or you’re misremembering (I’ve worked in support, and I’m used to that), but that doesn’t have to be the case: the features of the US cell phone system are different now than they were in 2000.

I use voip.ms as my home phone provider, which is sold as an unbundled service. Caller ID is free, but Calller Name is an optional service. Coincidentally I had to top up my balance today and ran a usage report. For calendar 2018 I spent $13 @ $0.009/minute plus $1.45 in CNAM charges.

I get names from p[people definitely not in my contacts. Granted it’s only correct about 80% of the time but names definitely show up.

I occasionally get names too. I think it might have something to do with whether you use the same cell provider service as the person calling you. For instance, I use MetroPCS for my cell service and I often will get the full name come up when someone calls me from a number with the same first three digits of my number (which would also be Metro).

My cellphone service in China shows me the name of the caller if the phone number is already in my contact list. Otherwise, it just shows me the incoming number and how many times that number has been reported to the service provider as either a taxi or “spam call”. I rather like that last feature.

Many times, I get “maybe ‘person’s name’”, under the displayed phone number if it is a work contact calling my cell.

There was a time that you could google somebody’s number and the first hit was directions to that person’s house. Luckily they stopped that.

I pay Verizon to show me the Caller ID name.

We still have a landline. The landline itself doesn’t have a readout (it’s a lego phone). But we have an extension phone that does display incoming caller. Handy during political season… a lot of “Unidentified Washington DC Caller” that doesn’t get answered.

For many years I haven’t gotten a single name that I didn’t already put into my contacts, and that’s because for many years I haven’t paid for Caller ID. Are you sure you’re not actually getting caller ID service somehow? I occasionally get a call with my same prefix, but no name, and those are just spoofs.