What ever happened to Chris Tucker?

Has he done anything in the last two years?

Last I’d heard he was doing some kind of “black man becomes President” thing, but because there was that flick with Chris Rock of the same premise, I wondered if the project had been scrapped, or that WAS the movie he was supposed to be in and got dropped.

Anybody seen him lately? Do we need to organize a search party? Maybe start circulating flyers to generate interest for “The Friday After THAT Friday?” :slight_smile:

You’re right. He hasn’t done anything since Rush Hour 2 in 2001. My bet is he’s sitting comfortably on his pile of money. The last thing he did that I recall was a music video with Michael Jackson.

I thought he did another Friday sequel called Friday After Next. I could be wrong though.

He actually wasn’t in either of the Friday sequels. Something to do with a pay dispute with Ice Cube from the first film, IIRC.

Oh well, maybe they’ll decide to make “The Fifth Element: Leeloo’s Naughty Leztastic Adventure” and he’ll get a cameo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, there’s a Chris Tucker now?

Chris Tucker got religion and has become more selective of his roles and what he’ll say on camera. Look at his language in Rush hour 1 vs. Rush Hour 2. I think part of the appeal of Chris Tucker was his colorful use of language, combined with his voice and delivery. Whether he’s been denied roles because of that or he’s merely refusing certain roles is left to the reader, or someone with a reliable cite.

According to www.mediasharx.com , he’s just signed up for Money Talks 2 and Rush Hour 3.

And here I thought he had been reabsorbed back into his twin, Chris Rock :smiley:

Something involving paralysis of his vocal cords, I hope.
He’s currently tied with Martin Lawrence and Chris Kattan for “Least Funny Comedian on Earth” IMHO.

The last thing I heard about him was a rumor that he’d OD’d and died.

There was a rumor that Tucker was asking for $20 million for Rush Hour 3.

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