What ever happened to 'Civil Defense'?

Hey y’all,

I consider myself fairly astute in the mili-political ways since Reagan. I’m also a self-described Cold War buff. So, one would think that I know a lot of trivial knowledge about things. But, just one thing escapes me. With all the hullaballoo regarding Operation Noble Eagle and the Office of Homeland Defense, one can’t help but hear different agencies mentioned: FBI, CIA, FEMA, etc. . . However, one’s missing! What happened to the old Civil Defense office?

Was there an act of Congress that formally disbanded the agency? Did it just die out with the end of the Cold War, and not be reestablished due to it’s ‘marketability’? Why didn’t we revive the concept and “catchphrase” when Bin Butthead reared his ugly head catastrophically? Did I miss something?

Honest question! I know that in my hometown in Jersey, there’s an office in the basement of our Municipal Hall with a huge Civil Defense sticker, labeled the “Office of Emergency Municipal Management”. So, what gives? Where’d it go?

Duck, and cover . . . duck, and cover . . .

from http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:wjDkdpbbtV0C:www.civildefensemuseum.com/history.html+"office+of+civil+defense'&hl=en

Link didn’t work, but what the hey . . .

Wow! Seems it evolved into FEMA. I wonder what drove the process. . . Although, IIRC, that 1972 timeframe seems around the time that Congress passed the War Powers Act. . .

Maybe the President wanted his own direct reporting agency?

I’m now somewhat enlightened. I thank you, sam.