What ever happened to Jello Pudding Pops?

Why did they take Jello Pudding Pops off the market? I always thought it was a popular product, and hey, the Cos knows what’s good for you. But a few years ago, these tasty treats mysteriously vanished from supermarket shelves.

What gives? Did people just stop buying them all of a sudden, causing Jello to pull them from the market? Or was there some clandestine in-house study involving the effect of Pudding Pops on laboratory animals? :confused:

I ate them all! :rolleyes:

What happened to them? Probably the same thing that happened to Jello 123, Jello Spoon Candy, and Jello Mr. Wiggle, all great products that not enough folks appreciated. Once sales slip below a certain level, the manufacture bails on it!

Because God hates me I am unable to eat such treats, however I did have a small taste of one years ago. They were in fact excellent and I completely understand you missing them.

You know, I was asking myself that same question a few weeks ago! I loved those things, those chocolate pudding pops were the best! Maybe we should start a petition?

We the undersigned members of the SDMB, do hereby request that you, the large Jello conglomerate, reinstate the chocolatey goodness hereby known as pudding pops, hereinsoforeto, amen.

  1. Abel