What ever happened to Mason Reese?

No, not the film; what ever did happen to Mason Reese, the “Borgasmord Kid” from the Burger King commercials in the 1970s? I heard a rumour that he was running a strip club in New York.

He seems to have appeared on a TVLand Awards show this year:

I saw him on, I think, Entertainment Tonight a few years ago. If you thought he was ugly as a kid . . .

He was running some kind of establishment, maybe just a bar; I don’t remember strippers.

P.S. He was on commercials for Underwood deviled ham, not Burger King. The bar he runs (owns?) is Nowbar, 22 7th Ave. S., Manhattan.

Underwood? Then who did Burger King? But now that you mention it, that sounds right.

I think we need to have one of our NYC Dopers go down to Nowbar to check it out.

Rodney Allen Rippy did a sorta famous hamburger commercial around that time, but it wasn’t Burker King. I think it was Jack-in-a-Box.

he opened the bar he now owns, called Destination, which is at 13th street and Avenue A.

He still wears a Nowbar jacket; he’s also lost about 40 pounds from his peak weight of whatever it was, and looks reasonably good. (40 pounds for someone who’s just under 5 feet tall is a huge amount.)

Beat you to it; I first met Mason at his 45th birthday party a few years ago, then last year I called him on the phone to wish him a happy 47th birthday. Naturally, he said, “Who is this?”

As I mentioned in another post here, he now owns a bar and grille called Destination, which is located on 13th street and Avenue A.

Last time I caught a glimpse of him on TV was over 20 years ago on Howard Stern’s WWOR TV show, and as others mentioned he was hideous looking…

Mason Reese five years ago at age 43

Recent doings

Oops! -nm-

He’s lost 40 pounds since the photos posted by Siam Sam; 40 lbs. on a person who’s just under 5 feet tall is a huge amount.

Anyway, he’s about to start taping a talk show, so look for him on Bravo! or some cable channel.

I remember a Parade Magazine question (“dinner is riding on this” sort of thing) back in the Seventies as to whether Rodney Allen Rippy did an ad for Jack-in-the-Box, or for Underwood Deviled Ham. It may have been the same issue that addressed the question as to whether or not Fonzie was dead.

Rodney Allen Rippy did the Jumbo Jack commercial.

I saw him IRL in the late 70s. He was maybe around 9 years old and was behind one of the counters at Manny’s on Music Row in Manhattan. I got the impression he was there as some employee’s or owner’s kid or nephew. Anyway, look, when he got famous for the commercial, he was “so ugly he was cute” to be frank. When I saw him I recognized him easily and thought “I guess he lost the cute over the years.”

Another Seventies story (from Junior Scholastic, maybe?) related a little comedy bit he had worked out with his father, where he says “Daddy, I have only one cavity!”–That’s wonderful, son!"–“I only have one tooth!”