What ever happened to Standards & Practices?

Has TV foregone censors altogether? Not that I’m complaining, but I’m noticing that what narrow limits that used to exist are vanishing rapidly. To wit: new show on TBS called Sullivan & Son. It had the usual stuff, but I was a bit startled that “I’ll kick your balls up into your throat.” got on the air. There was also a double flip-off that not only wasn’t hidden, it was lamp-shaded.

What other shows are not only pushing the envelope, but licking it and applying a stamp?

Basic cable has looser standards than broadcast.

Note that TBS is now purely basic cable. The original Atlanta station is “Peachtree TV”, WPCH.

If you’re not OTA, you can get away with a lot.

It’s the weird standards of cable stations that baffles me. On The Daily Show recently, the graphics had a crude (mispelled) slang term but when John Stewart said the phrase the word was bleeped.

CC’s S&P is weird.

Try watching FX’s original dramas some time.

The word “shit” has gotten so common on basic cable, that it sometimes seems as if they’re required to include the word a few times per episode. Suits on USA in particular seems to use the word more than they really need to. Not saying they shouldn’t use it, just most of the time it feels like they’re saying it just to say it.

Fortunately programs on broadcast TV, with its tighter standards, are extremely cautious about language.

AMC makes Mad-Men jump thru hoops to show a brief glimps of a male ass or nude photos from a 50 yr old art book, but allows The Walking Dead free reign on violance & gore. Of course if you really want disturbing TV consider this; alot of zombies were bite victims, and in the early stages would’ve died in hospital wearing flimsy gowns that have long since fallen off (or they reanimated while being prepped for autopsy). Which means there should be alot of rotting zombies wandering around completly naked. :eek:

The FCC has no authority over cable whatsoever. The only curbs are what viewers, pressure groups, and advertisers will allow. That’s why basic cable, supported by advertising, has less nudity and profanity than pay cable stations like HBO and far less than special pay-per-view channels like Spice or Playboy.

When HBO claims," “it’s not television; it’s HBO,” that is truer than most people think. Cable is not television. It doesn’t use the public airwaves. That’s all the FCC can watch over, legally. And today several court decisions have said that brief, intermittent, unplanned profanity and nudity is not actionable even on television. Standards and practices may be looser than ever before, but they definitely haven’t gone away. Ask any late-night tv host.

Try watching FX’s comedy series Louie. I like Louis CK and his show but I’m amazed it’s not on HBO or Showtime. A couple weeks ago Louie and a woman perform oral sex on each other in the woman’s truck and openly discuss him licking her ass (not that there’s really a euphemism for that anyway).

Tossing the salad…

Is “rimjob” a euphemism or just a term?

You mean Colonel Langus and his brother Ana?

On “Dallas” on TNT recently, Bobby used the word “Bullshit,” which never would have been allowed back when it ran on CBS.