What ever happened to Tawana Brawley?

So what ever happened with her? Her story about being abducted and raped by white men was proven to be a hoax, especially with the testimony of a neighbor who saw her climb into the trash bag and peek out. Where is she now? Was she ever charged and tried for the crime of making false allegations and giving false info to police officers? And what about race-baiter Al Sharpton? Wasn’t he convicted of something in connection with the hoax?

Don’t know about Tawana, but Al Sharpton walked away from it without charges, I believe. Last I heard heard he was palling around with Michael Jackson, as part of Michael’s “The record industry is racist” campaign.

That was yesterday’s news, man. This week, the good Reverend is suing HBO for a cool Billion.

the latest on Al, of course, is contained in my pit thread

damn you Sofa King ! :wink:

I found this:

Malicious prosecution and defamation are torts, not crimes. While there was insufficient evidence to convince a grand jury of Ms. Brawley’s allegations, there was far from enough evidence to accuse her of a crime in turn.

I recall reading an article, I think during the past year, that said that nobody knew where she was. I probably read it in the NY Times, but I just searched and couldn’t find it.

She goes by “Maryam Muhammad” now.
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