What ever happened to wang?

I have a small pile of wang parts in my closet ( I can’t belive that the school was just going to throw them away!).

So what ever happened to those guys? I have not heard about them is years.

Holy shit, did your school use blenders for sex ed or what?

Everybody have fun tonight,
Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

An Wang or Charles Wang?

On Dr. An Wang and Wang Laboratories:

I feel I must make my Holy Presence felt here.


Wang Computers probably died out with a lot of other computer companies with Gateway, Compaq and Dell squeezing virtually everyone else out.

A few other computer companies you don’t hear much about anymore (as far as making PCs go anyway): Leading Edge, Packard Bell, Tandy, Acer, Pinnacle Systems

Plus, imagine trying to advertise Wang in the U.S.:

“At Christmas, get your children a real learning tool… get them a big, powerful WANG!”

Wang was in a different segment of the industry - the minicomputer boom in the 80’s was their heydey. Think of them in the same terms as DG, Prime, DEC, etc. And they DID have the sense of humor to have used “Wanna see my Wang” as a slogan, at least in limited distribution. An ex-Wang employee I worked with had a company issued T-shirt with that slogan on it.

Dr. Wang was a worthy gentleman with an unfortunate last name which suggested a dick. In the case of Charles Wang, it is a very appropriate suggestion.

(Charles Wang is CEO of Computer Associates.)

Oh, excuse me. He’s just chairman. He stepped down as CEO recently.

yabob, we avoid calling people “dicks” in General Questions, even if it’s tr-- uh, we avoid calling people “dicks” in General Questions.

Thank you.

Charles Wang pronounces his name ‘wong’.

Apparently, Wang computers are still in use somewhere. Last summer I saw several postings for various IT positions with the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), all of which required experience and knowledge of Wang computer systems.

So you’re saying they need a Wang to make the train go through the tunnel.

Here’s a website that has a bit of unofficial info on Wang.

In 1981 I worked for the Ball Computer Company as a Quality Control Inspector. That’s right, I was a Ball Inspector.

We felt ourselves to be vastly superior to Wang Operators. After all, any fool could operate a Wang, but you really had to know your stuff to inspect Balls.

has some old Wang equipment photos.

Wang started in 1954, it went public in 1967.
In 1999, Getronics NV, headquartered in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, acquired
Wang Global.
http://www.wang.com points to Getronics.

My brother and his friend used to have a high school classmate that had the rather unfortunate name of Jack Wang. :eek:

His middle name was not “mi”, was it?

yabob is right. Wang specialized in minis but was terribly slow to upgrade its OS; eventually IBM ate their lunch.

In another life I programmed Wangs and I can tell you that was an experience. First you dealt with white text on black background that would suck the eyes out of your head. Their source editor limited the number of lines you could copy based on existing line numbers. Just getting around in a large program was difficult. The damn thing was unstable as an inverted pyramid. Every time a cloud passed across the sky you had to re-IPL. And so on.

However, through the grace of amortization and stable usage demands there are still plenty of Wang boxes out there, just as there are plenty of IBM 34’s and 36’s.

I would certainly hope not! :eek: