What ever happened to ... ?

Our (my?) Quadell
Squid Vicious
Heath Doolin

… and a few others I can’t think of at the moment?

I think most of defections occurred as part of that whole moderator firing business awhile back. Many took offense to the fact that the thread that started it, and subsequent threads discussing it, where edited or deleted.

Some have returned after leaving briefly, and I suspect a few may still be lurking out there. I’m particularly pleased to see PapaBear return. He was sorely missed during his absense.

Yeah, I left over that whole flap but decided I was really only hurting myself by leaving. Anyway, there just isn’t anywhere else to find such lovely, lovely arguments…

Live a Lush Life
Da Chef

Chef: No to mention depriving the teeming millions (and, most of all, newcomers) of your signature forever. :slight_smile:

I think it is incorrect to attribute any specific cause. My understanding (admittedly, limited) is that some, like Bermuda and HpstrDufuz, didn’t make the transition over to the new boards from AOL. I am told that they post in some of the other Straight-Dope related websites.

RngrJeff had to change his email name, he is now Yer Ranger, and his job and personal life have been taking their toll on his online time.

I suspect there are many different personal reasons. My assumption is that people who leave because they are angry with the moderators or frustrated by the software, say so. There are very few such farewells actually posted; so I think the majority of departures are from other individual personal reasons.

I’m back. This is actually my first post in months (I found this thread after doing a search for my name, just to see if anyone had missed me). :slight_smile: Like CKDextHavn suggested, I left for personal reasons; I didn’t even hear about this moderator firing. What happened?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

Well, Michelle’s back (yay!), and so is jayron. Despite our discussion in a couple of threads that shall remain nameless, I actually think he’s a good guy!

Never left (I don’t think. They’re back now, anyway.): Edward_J_Cunningham, RngrJeff (He’s here off and on. I think he’s more of a newsgroup poster), Heath Doolin.

Sorry if I missed anyone!

Welcome back, Cessandra! As far as the moderator flap goes, it was an internal fight that best not be gotten into, because one side is gone and cannot state her case.

I really miss Quadell… :frowning:

Me too! I was just thinking of people last night that I hadn’t heard from in a while. How 'bout AlanSmithee? Last thing I heard, there was that brouhaha with the youth group and then…silence. Alan, where art thou?

Also, has anyone heard from Biggles or Charlie Tan lately? Melin never answered my e-mail. :frowning:

Sly, I’ve seen ExTank posting over in Great Debates. I was gonna point out that I just saw Cessandra there as well, but she beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Squid Vicious just posted (9/11/1999) in general questions:temp of steam


My Quadell (Mike Waddell [sp?]) quit over the Melin thing. He came back briefly during the Lynn edict thing (I hope I have the event correct, it wasn’t a big thing for me), so one can assume he’s lurking for the time being. I (my prior self) did take the Melin thing as an excuse to change screen names though. I am pleased to see that no one misses (my prior) me.

Maybe we just like this version of you better! :wink:

Ukelele Ike is still among the missing–was he felled by a killer mosquito? Abducted by aliens? Blown up in Moscow?

Flora, I saw Ike posting in GQ yesterday I believe. I think!

…predictability. The milkman, the paperboy, and even TV.

…Arghhhhh, why was I forced to watch “Full House” as a child??? Could I have sued for child abuse?

I was waiting for you girls to notice I was gone!

You were the victim of my two-week vacation…no computer, no television, no radio, no nothin’…just my books and flute way down east in Maine.


Ike, sounds like heaven. Glad to see you’re back.

Heard from Melin today. Giving things time…might come back…might not. Said she appreciates everyones thoughts though.

I still live!

LUcky I was able to escape the POW camp and decided to come back and save my comrades from the evil and ruthless leader…hey wait thats a Chuck Norris film

Umm…ok I started playing Everquest and became a junkie. There! Ya HAPPY?! ARE YOU!?! Booohoohoo! :slight_smile: