What exactly *is* a "troll"?

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I think I’ve passed the crucible of “newbieness”. At least, I think I have. . .

One last term escapes me. What exactly is a “troll”? From what I gather, it’s a lurker who simply posts once or twice and gets banned. I’ve heard Robyn and Falcon talk about 'em, but I don’t think I could point one out of a crowd. Is there a list of other terms that I don’t know about? Much obliged!

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In short a person who uses deceit to create disruption amongst the board or chat room…most do it repeatedly under other names.

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DavidB and Eutychus55 also did a Mailbag Article on this very subject.

My version of a troll is a humanoid monster usually associated with a stream or river and often living under a bridge.

I recall a New Yorker cartoon, where a toll booth on a bridge had a sign that said, “Pay Troll”

Much obliged. I am now smart again. Thank you all. :smiley:


From the Jargon File entry for troll:

Trolls are much larger than people and often eat people.
They wear clothes and their voices are very loud, like a super-roar.