What exactly is deviantArt?

Due to a somewhat peculiar confluence of internet-based circumstances, some years ago I registered for a free account at deviantArt, and promptly forgot all about it. Just recently I discovered that the account is still open, and I have been contemplating the possibility of posting some random drawings to the site for no particularly good reason. However, I am not entirely sure what I would be getting into by doing so. What exactly is the purpose of the site, and who uses it?

The Wikipedia article on deviantArt recounts a somewhat convoluted history involving some sort of music website and “application skins,” whatever the hell they are. There are also apparently subscriptions one can purchase to access additional features, such as a store that produces prints and merchandise. This all sounds like it requires money, of which I have little to none; I’m just looking for a place to park some bad drawings. Is this ‘free account’ eventually going to cost me if I start posting images to the site?

I’m encouraged by the fact that the site superficially appears to have no quality requirements whatsoever: the talent on display ranges from ‘quite impressive’ to ‘sub-nonexistent.’ On the other hand, there is this worrying ‘online community’ element, and I’ve really never gotten on well with communities. Who are these people really? Am I likely to be the target of ostracism because my potentially copyright-infringing fan art doesn’t feature Japanese cartoon characters? Would I be better served just using something like Photobucket instead?

No, how could it? They don’t ask for any credit card information, or the like, unless you get a paid account. If they decide to do away with the free accounts (not likely, since they’re a major part of their business model), all that’ll happen is your free account will become useless.

A place for softcore furry porn.

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a rarely used account there. I don’t remember why I signed up, as I am not an artist, and I don’t go there too often, but what Tengu said is right. I can’t help you as far the community aspect goes, as I don’t spent a significant amount of time there.

Rhetorical questions are wasted on the ignorant. For all I know, deviantArt is just a front for some virulent Nigerian malware that will rape my computer for credit card numbers or something.

If you tell me that posting images to deviantArt will ultimately result in me being thrown into debtor’s prison or sold overseas for rum and sugar cane, I may well believe you. Please don’t torment the hapless.

The purpose of the site, as far as I know, is just to let anyone post their art. Some people use it to advertise for commissions, but there are also people who post art they’ve done for RPG sourcebooks or comics, or just random art of varying quality.

I couldn’t tell you about the community, but I don’t think you have to worry about people insulting your choice of subject matter.

If you want a private album, DeviantArt would offer you little that Photobucket or Picasaweb don’t. It’s a community of artists and would-bes, so if you don’t want that aspect, why bother?

It could be by a mental patient, a hillbilly or a chimpanzee

It could be by a mental patient who thinks he is a hillbilly chimpanzee!

One of my other online aliases has a dA account. I had some photos up in the vain hope of turning them into products & selling them, but really it was pointless. Still a good way to get a large volume of work up where people can see it–better than a personal website, I think.