What exactly is "dry humor?"

And then there’s aussie dry humor that americans almost never get, but is so bloody funny you can crack a rib in no time.

Dry humour does not acknowledge that it is being funny. The line you quote is far too aware of its own silliness to be dry.

My nomination for dry humor: George Burns. Sure, some of it was obvious enough, but still.

As others have said, it’s thinking-man’s humor, and not much of it is easy to narrate.

In the first “Oh God,” John Denver asks “You’re God, and you’re sending me out with Your message? How will anyone know You sent me?” George: “Oh. Right. Well, just show them this.” An ordinary business card, saying simply, “God.”

Well, I thought it was funny.

Young lady, I’ve been reading Douglas Adams since before he was born.


Maybe it’s dry English slapstick in the way that Monty Python went back and forth between high wit and low. But any man who created Slartibartfast and Vogon poetry has a touch of the slapstick in his soul.

Yes, yes it is.

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