What exactly is Teppanyaki ice-cream?

What exactly is Teppanyaki ice-cream? I’ve tried to find a good description of it. But so far I haven’t been able to find one.
From Wikipedia:
“Typical ingredients used for Western-style teppanyaki are beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken, and assorted vegetables. Soybean oil is typically used to cook the ingredients.
Japanese-style teppanyaki may also use noodles (yakisoba) or cabbage with sliced meat or seafood (okonomiyaki), which are cooked using vegetable oil, animal fat, or a mixture. In Japan, many teppanyaki restaurants feature Kobe beef.”

So presumably this ice-cream contains one or more of the above ingredients. Ice-Cream is chilled, so I’d really like to know how Teppanyaki ice-cream tastes.
I look forward to your feedback.

I thin it’s the style they serve at Cold Stone.
You pick you ice ream flavors and add-ins and instead of cooking it on a large, hot, flat grill they mix it all up on a large, flat, cold stone or metal surface.

So presumably this ice-cream contains one or more of the above ingredients.

Nope, zoid has it right. What makes traditional Teppanyaki isn’t the ingredients, it’s the style of cooking - on a large flat surface - as opposed to say, grilling on a hibachi.

So it’s the flat surface used to mix the ingredients at places like Coldstone, that gives the name to Teppanyaki ice cream.

Yes. Here’s a description of a Teppanyaki Ice Cream Parlor in Bangkok.

Here are three of the combinations available:

Frozen Sacher Ice Cream:
Waffle basket, Grand Cru Maracaibo 65% ice cream, poached apricot, fudge brownie, Edelweiss ice cream, fresh raspberries, fresh whipping cream.

Warm Berries with Grand Cru Chocolate Ice Cream:
Edelweiss ice cream with chocolate terra, Elvesia chocolate ice cream with caramelized almonds, aged balsamic flavored berrie, swiss meringues, caramelized almonds, orange snap.

Sticky Chewy Grand Cru Chocolate Ice Cream:
Maracaibo Criolait ice cream with brownie, Maracaibo chocolate cheese cake cubes, Edelweiss chocolate ice cream, Marshmallow, Bourbon vanilla sauce, caramel sauce, caramelized hazelnut.

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