What excatly is a ' Corn hog economy '

After the death of Stalin, Nikita kruschev implemented a massive drive towards a consumerist economy, and in order to do so, he wanted the state farms to produce the same sort of ’ Corn hog economy’ That the US had sucessfully done, I was wondering, what excatly is a ‘Corn hog economy’

Try this:


So I’m guessing N.K. wanted to duplicate the profitable grow-corn-feed-it-to-hogs cycle of the U.S. (vs. the less-profitable wheat-based farming systems that were probably in use then) as well as implement in marginal Soviet farmlands some of the methods that American farmers used to transform the “desert” of the plains and prairies into a breadbasket.

And I do believe you are refering to a Corn, Hog economy.


Anthropologist Marvin Harris talks about the U.S. farm economy of corn and pigs at length in the chapter on pigs in his book Good to Eat (AKA The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig). He essentially agrees with what’s written above, arguing that pigs were extremely efficient at converting corn to pork, and also in helping transport the product to market – pigs can walk, but corn can’t (If you didn’t use pigs, he argues, the most efficient way to get your goods to market, in terms of dollars received minus transportation costs divided by your input, was to convert the corn to whiskey). Pigs and Corn, he says, “was a match made in heaven”, and in the 19th century Americans ate far more pork than beef.