What factors are involved in whether a civil rights suits is filed against Zimmerman & how likely?

“A civil rights suit involves criminal charges for violating someone’s civil rights, which are protected under federal law.”

More at link (see bottom half of article)

I would hope that it is very unlikely, because it is an astoundingly bad idea that more or less amounts to double jeapardy.

We couldn’t prove that you killed him? Then we will charge you with denying him life! Then again, considering the actors agitating for this kind of thing, thinking ahead is not their strong suit.

The civil action would be significantly stronger and more likely to bear fruit. Even there, I wouldn’t give them more than a 50/50 chance of winning against Zimmerman.

So what? IF you violate a federal and state law (or are thought to have) you face two separate trials. It may be double jeopardy, but thanks to the constitution, it’s a legal form of it. As for civil suits, so what? (Again) How much money do you think he had before the event, and then after? It’s one thing to be OJ and have millions to grab, plus saleable memorabilia. It’s another to go after Joe Schmoe who probably already mortgaged his Florida homestead-law protected house to the hilt and emptied his bank accounts.

There was an article about the civil rights investigation in the NY Times. Basically they said that they have to prove Zimmerman set out to target him and deny him his rights because he was black.

They mentioned also Zimmerman’s history of “targeting” (in a different sense, I suppose) young black men in past 911 calls, and his offhand comment caught by the 911 call. However, like the original case, the burden of proof is high.

The analysts on this morning’s news thought that this was just more grasping at straws by the prosecutors. Presumably, it is not a hate crime to kill someone who is trying to harm you. And it is manifestly obvious that the prosecutors couldn’t prove that Zimmerman wasn’t defending himself. (If they could, he would have been convicted of at least manslaughter.) Why would federal prosecutors be able to do any better a job?

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