What feature do you wish your house / apartment had?

My big regret right now is that we don’t have a finished basement. We have an unfinished basement. Finishing the basement would require moving the heating element in the house, redoing the floors and then making it waterproof. My husband and I decided it was too much expense so we didn’t.

But when the predicted high is 102 I wish we had a naturally cool space in this house.

Laundry room upstairs, air conditioning downstairs (we live in San Diego and the previous owners just put in central air - for the upstairs, downstairs can get pretty warm, especially if I’m cooking!).

Otherwise, love our house!

I would like a dog elevator. Patience the Labrador is scared of the steps and even if she’d climb them, her claws would scratch the woodwork.

We do have a laundry chute which feeds dirty clothes to a bin in the basement from the first and second floors, which is nice, but a chute that handled dogs and people would be even better.

I want a Robo-trash can. A trash can that takes itself out to the curb on the appropiate trash days. Then puts itself back in the garage after it’s been emptied.

I wish either my living room or my dining/common room had no windows. I’ve always wanted a home theater, using a projector onto a wall and some basic stadium seating. However, whomever built this house put all these damn windows right in the middle of perfectly good large blank walls!

A self-maintaining yard. I really want a yard that is as pretty as a garden but requires no more work, or water, than raising rocks.

I would love to have a built-in, self-cleaning espresso machine…

A self-maintaining pool. I can’t imagine anything more heavenly.

I’m so going to waste wishes but here goes:

An installed dishwasher.

An icemaker.

And… the Really big bucks… an in-ground pool equipped with a heater and with a pre-paid cleaning service.
You’re a clever little man little master of the universe, but mortals are weak and frail. If their stomach speaks, they forget their brain. If their brain speaks, they forget their heart. And if their heart speaks [laughter] … they forget everything!

The main one is a buzzer on the door of MY building. My complex is two 6-story buildings which are connected by a sky bridge. The other building has the only buzzer. It sucks to try to explain to everyone that they have to buzz into the other building and then take the elevator and then cross the sky bridge and THEN take the stairs to my floor. Delivery people and guests always just want me to go meet them downstairs rather than try to navigate the maze. I can’t IMAGINE why they wouldn’t have just put another buzzer on my building! It already has an electronic lock with key cards, why not just add the phone system to it??? :mad:

Also a garbage disposal. This place was built in 2005 and doesn’t have them. It’s a nice place for the most part but they cut some corners that you don’t notice until after after you move in. The ovens don’t even have timers on them, which is crazy but I don’t really care about that.

The condo we are currently renting is tiny, tiny. But the bathroom has a walk-in closet that I am sure gonna miss when we move next month.

A cabinet under the bathroom sink. This drives me nuts. It means you have to store all the cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, etc. in the linen closet.

I’m moving next month and going apartment hunting this week. Any place that does not have both a garbage disposal and a dishwasher is going to be rejected straight off.

I wish the back deck wasn’t a dark tomb. Not only is it covered, but it’s literally less than an inch from the neighboring building, so our half gets no sunlight at all. The neighbor’s half is away from the other building, so they get a small corner of sunlight, and naturally have a little container garden. I had to give up my tomato plants and move my herbs indoors (where they haven’t been doing as well) when we moved here.

I wish the management company wouldn’t be so stingy about installing blinds. When we moved in, there were none. When I called to ask where they were, they said they don’t normally install them at all (!), but would concede and do two rooms. I picked the living room and bedroom, since both have two windows apiece. But the dining room is also west facing (and only one lousy window!), and it gets HOT mid-afternoon when the sun shines in. And the kitchen opens to the back deck, so those would be the only windows where there’s a real chance of someone looking in (and seeing me puttering around naked).

On that note, I kinda wish our apartment was turned 90 degrees so most of the windows were south-facing.

Also, no recycling bins that I’ve found, even though it’s required by city ordinance. Sigh. And the laundry room has a grand total of 2 washers and dryers, for a building with 35+ apartments. Really?

On the whole it’s been very good though. Much better than my old apartment.

A bigger kitchen, so I have room for all the useless gadgets that I’d love to have but have no place to store. That and a gas stove. I hate electric stoves. Oh and a dishwasher that can’t be heard in the next county.

I don’t think my landlord or the sweet little old lady I share a wall with would like it if I started knocking out walls though.

Just a bit bigger in general, and another toilet. I miss having two.

Separate air conditioners for upstairs and downstairs. I’d love it if the back porches were screened in. I’d love it even more if the building were rotated 180 degrees so I got sun in my back yard. I’m not allowed to put vegetables out front, and my tomatoes are sad little golf-ball-sized things.

A red button:

A hot chicks room. I’ll pass on the bucket of truth, though.

Air conditioning. It’s 100 degrees out and I’ve been working on fencing for an hour and needed a break. Shade is nice, but air conditioning would be nicer…

I live in a hotel room, I wish;
the room, bathroom & closet were a little bigger,
I had a kitchen, with a stove, standard size fridge, sink, counter space & cupboards,
windows that faced the street instead of a gap between buildings,
decent water pressure