What fictional character did you aspire to be like as a child?

I’m not asking what fictional jobs you would have liked to have. One can be a starship captain (theoretically, anyway) without drinking Earl Grey tea or having sex with green space babes to suppress your lust for your half-alien buddy. It is emulating the characters’ characters that I am interested in hearing about. Did you want to be as cool as Jim Rockford? As scrappy as Kim Possible? As clever as Temperance Brennan? Tell us about it.

I wanted to be Superman, in the era of the George Reeves TV show. Invincible, incorruptible, insouciant (although I didn’t know what that meant), he didn’t need to get angry because he always won. Oh, yes, and good looking.

Sgt Saunders on Combat! Every free day I had, you’d find me down by the railroad tracks in Army surplus gear, killing Germans with my Mattel tommy gun.

Constable Odo from DS9 was and remains the fictional character I identify most strongly with.

Bilbo Baggins.

Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties.

Saucy and bad-ass like Scarlett O’Hara. However, being more of a Carreen by nature, I made no strides in that direction.

Simon Templar or Archie Goodwin.

Captain Horatio Hornblower. Inner conflict and doubt, but outwardly “a strong silent capable man, unmoved by emotion” (a quote from Beat to Quarters, the first novel in the cycle).

The quintessential moment is at the very end of Ship of the Line. Hornblower has just beaten three French ships into ruin and disabled a fourth, but at the cost of the wreck of his own ship, the death of two thirds of his crew, defeat, the prospect of years of captivity or execution at the hands of Napoleon - never to see his unborn son, never to see the woman he loves hopelessly again, never to walk his quarterdeck or smell the salt air of freedom.

But he has accomplished his purpose.


PS - ha hem!

Fictional inventors did it for me. The one that stands out most to me is Gaston Lagaffe. Not motivated by wealth, power or fame, he just has a simple office job and just prefers to tinker with electronics, mechanical stuff, and anything he can get his hands on, really.

He’s also lazy as fuck and does the bare minimum possible. That’s where the comparison kind of stings ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Though I didn’t think through the battling a balrog, dying, and resurrecting part of the deal.

Superman. Zorro. Daniel Boone.

Bugs Bunny, wise-cracking cool cat.

Later on, Hawkeye Pierce, same same, add in skirt chaser.

Needless to say, these role models didn’t really serve me well socially.

Rick Hunter




When I was very young, it was whatever cowboy hero I’d recently seen in a movie or on TV: Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, etc. When I started reading more, it was Tarzan and Alan Quatermain.

“Tom Swift,” he said adverbally.

Darth Vader - crush the rebel scum

“Cat Woman”, because she was so athletic and yet so sensuous. In fact, that’s exactly why cats are my favorite animal.

Spock or Scotty are at the top of my list.