What File formats do Copy Machines typically support?

I noticed Kinkos installed new copy machines that support USB thumb drives. We aren’t lucky enough to have anything that fancy or modern at work.

What file formats would these copy machines typically support? Word Docs, PDF, RTF, XLS, WK3, jpg, Tiff? It would be helpful knowing what files these copy machines can read.

I’d like to print off some software documentation from a web site. I can capture and convert it to pdf pretty easily. Would the copy machine read it?

Man, it’s so weird thinking of a copy machine that reads digital files. :stuck_out_tongue: We briefly leased a copy machine at work that had a network printer connection. I never bothered connecting it to our network. We already have two laser printers on our dept’s network. That copy machine broke constantly and we leased a different one that only copied (it wasn’t a printer).

PDF is the most general-purpose format right now, and should print with the least grief. But why don’t you call Kinko’s and ask?

According to their website

You don’t even need to go to the store, you can upload your file at the fedex website and they’ll take care of everything for you.

I figured there was a standard set of files formats these copy machines handled. I’ve been trying to google and find info on them. That would give more specific tech info that I’m looking for. I try to stay up on the newest tech stuff.

I may call Kinkos too just for general info. Thanks!