What films or TV shows are (inevitably) going to be remade?

I think “The Island” is “parts: the clonus horror.”

God help us all…

For those of you clamoring for Voltron, Ultraman, Sailor Moon, or any of the others, there are a couple of live action “trailers” for Battle of the Planets aka G-Force aka Gatchaman aka Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. They were done in 2000 as part of an internet campaign in Japan, and star members of the Japanese boy-band SMAP (which has rotating members, a la Menudo).

There was never a movie made, but from the looks of the “trailers”, it would have been very cool. You can find them, if you know where to peer.

I could have sworn that this had been moviefied. It turns out I was thinking of the cinematic masterpiece that was Car 54, Where Are You?

Oops, no I didn’t. :smack: I remembered seeing the movie, and could have sworn it was an american version I saw. I checked the IMDB, and saw the date and the fact that it was american and didn’t read the rest that closely. My bad.


I wasted my powers on this? Damn, I should have played lotto.

I have this horrible vision.

Friends: the Movie, 20-25 years from now. Featuring a cast of flavor-of-the-months that make the original cast look like the Barrymores. A broken, old-before-his-time Matthew Perry makes a cameo, slurring his lines as a wisecracking building super or some such nonsense.

That is my vision

I am become death, destroyer of worlds…

The master will not be pleased.

Sooner or later we’ll see a Rawhide movie, probably directed by Clint Eastwood.

Not so much a “remake” as a “ripoff”