What floats your boat?

pugluvr… my mom loves pug puppies… every time one of our pugs outgrew the puppy stage she bought another pug puppy, so we now have two adult pugs and one that’s an adult but very small and puppy-like (a black one; they seem to run smaller anyway)…
What cranks your tractor?
What flics your Bic?
What trips the trigger on your thingamajig?

JimmyNipples said:

You are a wise man, Jimmy. Also, perhaps, a constipated man.

So, to rephrase the question to everybody…what gives youthe piss-shiver?

A good lightning storm.

Live music.

The first kiss.

The second orgasm.

Good home-cooking.


My niece’s spontaneous hugs.

When you wake up in the morning and you still remember your dream so well that you’re not sure whether you were asleep and just woke up or whether the dream was the reality . . .

In no particular order: Music, lightning, a good single malt, kissing, running the table, two eight ball breaks in a row, fabricating your own parts, furniture restoration, foreplay, working up a sweat, “puttin” on the scooter, sex, good food, watching my kids enjoy something (that look on a happy child’s face), reading a good book, roller coasters, and orgasms.

Making music, music, thinking, nature, and anything in the bedroom.

sailor wrote:

Was it a big symbolic ersatz lightning bolt, like the one that sank the boat in Joe Versus the Volcano?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how often bowel movements appear in JimmyNipples posts?
What floats my boat?

A big toothless 5 month olds smile at the moment…

Crawling between warn sheets just out of the dryer. That’s a winner.

Hey, whatever butters your toast, after all…