What floats your boat?

Music and family for me. Oh, yeah and there’s that other thing…you know…

Music. Speed (as in fastness, as in vitesse in French, as in “woo hoo zero to two hundred fourteen in less than a minute”). More music. Nitro fuel. Music again. Friends. Music. Listening to music while hanging out with my friends and moving quickly.

And technically water. :rolleyes:

Well as long as I don’t overload it, I think it’s the air on the deck that creates the buoyancy… :slight_smile:

Well if you’re going to get into the physics of the phenomenon, I believe it’s a combination of the density of the boat, the air pressure on the water and on the boat, and the water pressure on the boat.

Water floats my boat. Moving air blows my skirt up.

We won’t go into what trips my trigger.

But what, may I ask, creams your twinkie?

Don’t even mention my boat. It was hit by lightning a couple of months ago and I am still chasing the insurance company. Those SOBs!

I guess I can go sailing in January and get frostbite.

I first heard that phrase when those inflatable bikini tops started hitting Waikiki beach. They interviewed this guy on the news and asked him what he thought of them. He turned and eyed the enhanced boobage of girl wearing the bikini, and then shrugged and said, “Hey, man, whatever floats your boat.”

I’ll go with music, too.

Love, sex, friends, physics. Maybe a little basketball. Definitely some music.

Just to be clear on that whole buoyancy thing, it’s just the difference in the weight of the water displaced by the boat versus the weight of the boat. Because the boat is less dense than water, it floats (i.e. the direction of the buoyancy force is opposite to that of gravity). How far down it sits in the water is determined by the force of buoyancy being equal to the force of gravity on the boat, so the net acceleration is zero.

Sorry. You’ll note the word “physics” in the first line…

I don’t have a boat. Are you trying to ask what yanks my lanyard?

No, no, no. He clearly wanted to know what tickles your pickle.


What floats my boat?


She is very bouyant.

I never could float on my own.

Music, especially classical music!
Being creative and making things with my hands.
Sex, of course!:wink:

If I really HAD a boat, I would probably try to keep it afloat with chewing gum and baling wire :D.

Dudes w/long hair GOD I love that :smiley:

None of your freaking business. Get away from me, you perv. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what tears along your dotted line?

What spins your bottle?

What rotates your tires?

What pulls your trigger?

What activates your timer?

I’m making all these up, of course.

I’ll step out on a limb and say…a nice poop.

A good BM is truly a wonderous thing.

Family and stuff like that is way up on the list, but there’s nothin’ like a crap to end all craps.

A long bicycle ride on an early summer day along country roads, through horse pastures and alongside creeks.

Oh, and puppies. Lots of puppies. 'Specially pug puppies.