What font do you use?

Me, I’m a “Tahoma” man through and through. I belive it looks a lot more professional and structured (I’m also a huge fan of well used white space).

I hate reading Times New Roman, it just seems so “1994”.

A few people at work use “Comic Sans”, every time I read it I want to go ballistic. I HATE “COMIC SANS”!! There are others here at work that hate “Comic Sans” as well, in fact they even have a sign on their office that says “Comic Sans” and has a red circle with a line through it!

So what font do you use?

I work at a newspaper, so it’s always the same. Ten-point Times for regular copy; N Helvetica Narrow for headlines, and 9 point Helvetica for cutlines. Every once in a while we get a little crazy and use a different font for a headline, but not very often. Monotony is so comforting. That last statement was meant to be sarcastic, by the way.


Looks the cleanest, is easy to read and you can go from tiny to huge letters with the same clarity.

I’m a big fan of BankGothic. With a little Gemrock Vermarco on the side, though I mostly use Techno.

I like some pretty traditional fonts for everyday things, like Palantino and Helvetica. I also use Franklin Gothic, Gentium, and Lido font families regularly. For more design-y purposes, I tend to use fonts that have a handmade feel; either written scripts or traditional fonts with minor quirks.

Times New Roman is a bit drab, but it’s got nothin’ on Comic Sans. Oh, Comic Sans, how I loathe thee. Particularly when used by professors while I was getting my undergrad degree; hardly a professional choice for a class syllabus.

Lucida Grande and Trebuchet MS. I’m a big believer in the sans-serif font.

Arial for the most part. When I was doing video projects, I used Caslon quite a bit.

Another Tahoma user here, and another comic sans hater. I used to get a kick out of those small, cursive fonts until I actually read a paper of mine in one of them.

Helvetica, Arial, any nice simple sans serif.

Tahoma for most text. Especially in Excel, which we use for Freaking Everything at work. Did you know you could run a world-class ecommerce website on MS Excel? Oh wait, you can’t…

I used to use Palatino a lot back when I was typesetting. It works well for large blocks of text when you want to look classy. However, its low x-height makes it a trifle delicate-looking. These days, I use Bookman if I need a serif typeface.

I really dislike Arial and Times New Roman, partly because they were the official typefaces of 3M back when I was working at an agency and doing a lot of 3M work. It got sooooooooo boring seeing the same damn typefaces all the time.

I’m in the process of redesigning a paper (I was made Editor-in-Chief, if anyone remembers a small pit thread or cares). Currently, they use Futura and Georgia in headlines and Book Antiqua for body copy. It looks horrid. I’m replacing them with Minion and Myriad in headlines and Caslon for body text. Much, much better - especially since they’re the Adobe Pro fonts and they come with all sorts of bolds, semibolds, blacks and italics.

Oh, and a link for those of us who would like to Ban Comic Sans.

I like that font that looks like 19th century German letters. I think it’s called Fraktur or something like that.

I also like Arial.

I change everything in my programs to Verdana.

I like Palantino, Papyrus (but only for a e-mail sig or basic fax info, not the body), and Bookman’s Old Style (my absolute favourite font).

I’m not all that picky, as long as it’s a clean, professional looking sans serif font. My office uses Arial exclusively, which is fine by me; at my last office there was one lawyer who insisted, in this day and age, if you can believe it, on using plain ol’ Courier. I didn’t think anyone but court reporters use that any more!

Today I had to work on a brief going to a US Court of Appeals, which has truly astonishing requirements, including a requirement that it be in a 14-point serif font. Yuck and double yuck. I can appreciate that they want uniformity, but couldn’t they have at least picked a font people can stand to look at?

Heh, I’ve had one of those Ban Comic Sans PDF flyers hanging on my wall since I first heard about it here a while back. Dear Lord, how I LOATHE Comic Sans. It’s one of those things that really never looks good, no matter what the situation.

Hmmm, I’ve gotten sort of bored with Times New Roman recently, and have been using quite a bit of Palatino and Garamond. Bookman Old Style is really only useful as a last resort for half-assed students who need to lengthen their papers. I haven’t really settled on any preferences as far as sans serif goes; I guess I’m more of a serif type of guy.

I found and began using 8 pt. Verdana on AIM at age eight. I used it for five years, whereupon I moved to 8 pt. Trebuchet, the font of choice on the Halfbakery. Now I use 10 pt. Century. :cool:


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Frutiger. It’s my personal favorite right about now.

For reports and whatnot I’m a Times New Roman man, myself. If I’m a little short on length I sometimes employ Century Schoolbook (I believe it is, it’s been a while since I’ve had to do that).

For everything else, I like Arial. Nice, clean, simple.