What format are iPod Touch books?

I want to download some of these booksfrom the Wu Ming website to read on an iPod touch. In which format should I download them and how would I transfer them to the iPod?

There’s no single correct answer to this question. Different apps support different formats, and which app you prefer is a matter of taste.

That said, on my iPad, I use an app called GoodReader to view RTF & PDF files. It’s also available for the Touch. It supports multiple file transfer options – iTunes, WebDAV, HTTP, FTP, perhaps more. So I’d recommend that, and I’d choose PDF format.


On an iPad, a single “print ready” page looks pretty good, so PDF works pretty well. The text can’t be resized, of course, so on a Touch you probably want one of the other formats. Lots of apps support all three of those formats, so I’d suggest first finding an app that works for you, then downloading all of the formats for one book (since they’re free) and see which you like best.

iBooks can read ePub and PDF. It’s made by Apple and I think it works on the iPad Touch.

Here’s how you add files.