What Galaxy Is This, Anyway?

I just discovered the real identity of RealityChuck (check out his profile)

…and that he was published in Galaxy. In 1994.

Help! One of the saddest times for me was when the old Baen Galaxy tubed back in the 70s.

Have I entered a parallel universe? Chuck, info. on Galaxy, please!

Milky Way? Snickers? Mounds?

Well, if it has arisen from the ashes, we don’t have it here. And yeah, I would guess it’s been at least 20 something years since I bought an issue.
To tell the truth, I’d all but forgotten about it.

Didn’t Asimov write a straight science column for them, am I disremembering?

This space for rent.

Asimov wrote for F&SF, at least until he got his own title.

Book reviews were by Spider Robinson. Science column was “A Step Farther Out” by Jerry Pournelle. Editorials were by Baen (need I say more?). Oh, yeah, the fiction was pretty good too! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the memory cells are starting to stir now.

I remember being disappointed with the Asimov mag. He probably didn’t have much to do with the content, though. Where would he find the time, and knock off a book every couple of months as well? Good marketing ploy, I guess.

Wally–check a recent issue of “Asimov’s”; I’ll think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I believe “Galaxy” was revived several times after the Baen years, none successfully. I cannot confirm which exact years.

Dr. Asimov wrote a science column for “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction” from 1959 until shortly before his death. He never missed a column, and fell just short of his 400th. He wrote editorials for his eponymous magazine; that job has been taken over by Robert Silverberg.

I realize now I was being lazy, so I did some quick researching on line. “Galaxy” was revived as a print magazine in 1994. It was edited by E.L. Gold (son of H.L. Gold, the founding editor) and ran only 8 issues. It died but was resurrected as an e-zine. If you’d like to read more (and buy back-issues of this fine zine), go to http://galaxyezine.org.

Sorry, that’s http://www.galaxyezine.org

Thanks for the link, Guy.