What gene do you lack?

I do not have the Car-Buying Gene. Every time I buy a car, my brain seizes up. I wish I could just tell a friend what I want, give them the money, and let them do it for me.

What bit of genomic sequence are you missing?

I am bereft of the **Motivate-Myself-to-Sit-My-Arse-Down-and-Write ** gene.

Common? Maybe. But no less disheartening.

I have a shoe buying gene. I can not buy shoes as I hate shoes and finding a pair that I like is rare. I bought a pair last weekend because I had to and I hate them already. They fit and go with what I wear but I hate shoes so I hate them just cause they are shoes.

I also have the fade away gene.

I have read books my entire life. I would take out books from the library and read all weekend long when I was a teenager. In my twenties if I picked up a book that grabbed my attention I would read and read at every possible moment until I was done.

Now I have a book sitting in my bedroom that my daughter and BF have read and they say it is great and is my type of reading material yet I have yet to read but the first page.

I think I am afraid of the commitment.

My husband and I both lack the cleaning gene. This makes for a good marriage but a messy house.

I lack the Queer Eye gene. I must rely on lipstick lesbians to help me buy my clothes and decorate my house.

I don’t have the math gene. My mom is very bad at math, and her children seemed to have inherited that trait. What sucks is that my dad is mathmatically gifted. I was two levels behind in math when I was in high school, while taking honors and AP classes in everything else. I tried so hard to improve, but no amount of tutoring or private sessions with teachers helped me out. I didn’t graduate with honors because of math, and I harbor some resentment because of that.

I lack the clothes-shopping gene that apparently most women have. I hate going clothes shopping. I know how to pick out decent clothes, I just find the entire process excruciatingly boring.

On that same note, I also lack the shoe gene - I couldn’t care less about what brand my shoes are, or how many different kinds I have. I just don’t want my feet to hurt.

I don’t have a finance gene. I freeze up when faced with tax returns, insurance stuff, or anything about investing and retirement funds. I’m not stupid. I’ve had it explained to me several times and I always think I understand… but then I don’t.

Then again, it might be tied to my defective math gene - I just hate working with numbers. Even Sudoku freaks me out a little.

I don’t have the Filling out forms or the Writing Business English gene. Really sucks during a job search…like now.

I absolutely do not have the Babies Are Just So Cute And Cuddly gene. Call me in 20 years when I can have a conversation with them. In fact, I have almost zero Awwwwww genes at all, except for young frisky animals.

I lack the navigation gene. If I must go someplace new, I have to carefully examine a map. I love, love, love the various internet mapmaking programs that give me a map AND driving instructions. My life is easier because of them.

Some would say I lack the Love-Of-Chocolate gene, but of course, I believe I have the Superior-Taste gene. :smiley:

I do lack the Mechanical Skills gene, sadly.

As I told my son last night-the wininng-a-raffle/contest gene (the WARC gene).

I never, ever win. My son told me he wins sometimes, so he must have gotten a good copy of the winning-a-raffle/contest gene from dad to go with my bad copy. :slight_smile:

I also lack the math gene. I’m very intelligent, even gifted, but holy crap do I suck at math. In middle school I would go directly from my honors English class to my remedial math class, which was just me and one other kid in the library with a teacher.

I also lack the navigation gene. It’s so bad- if we go to a restaurant and I go to the bathroom while we’re there, my kids know to come looking for me if I’m not back in 10 minutes. I can’t parallel park- I don’t even try. It’s hard for me to even park straight. “Did I just pass it?” is a question I frequently ask while driving, and I get lost a lot. I don’t know if it’s genetic or brain damage, but I’m just not able to tell where I am in space at all.

I lack the drawing gene. I pulled a D in first grade art, and not for lack of effort.

I have a curiously incomplete gene sequence. I lack the car-buying gene, the clothes-buying gene, the preview-before-reply gene (IRL as well as online) and the tact gene. The two that bug me the most are my missing gaydar gene and my missing spatial perception gene. I have an inch long gash on my forehead right now from smacking it into the bathroom sink. I really envy you people who are able to look at an object, see where it is located in relation to your body and then avoid injuring yourself by walking into/tripping over/smacking against it. You lucky bastards.

I lack the engineering gene. My mother has an engineering degree, my grandfather has an engineering job that didn’t require a degree when he got it, and my Aunt, though she is not an engineer, has an extremely methodical and organized mind that would lend itself well to this career.

Me, I am passionate about literature, and language, and writing. And philosophy, and theatre, and music, and humanities, nothing that any engineer in his/her right mind would find practical at all.

I’m not saying I’m bad at science and math, but I am certainly not gifted. When I took an intro statistics course in college, it took me every bit of effort I could conceive just to pull an A-. And when I told my Mom I was working for a financial counseling agency, she looked at me like I’d grown a second head.

The only other artists in my family are psychotic, or dead, or both.

Which reminds me… I lack the ‘‘mental health’’ gene. I think having children with my current genetic makeup would probably be a moral abomination.

Sounds like me. I don’t feel the slightest urge to coo and gush over a baby just because somebody brings one into the room.

I lack the putting-up-with-peoples’-crap gene, and the math gene. And the sports enthusiast gene. And the car-buying gene, which goes with the lack-of-mechanical-ability gene. And the wanting-to-be-someone’s-dad gene.

Appreciation of team ball sports.

I lack the tongue rolling gene.

Wait, was that too literal?