what gets better mileage?

  1. A full tank or a 1/4 tank?
    I contend that the 1/4 tank is more efficient because it is carrying less weight but have no conclusive evidence to support my contention.

  2. Using Cruise control or keeping one’s foot on the pedal?
    I would think cruise would be better as it is a more consistent regulator of speed but here again, I stand naked before a jury desiring proof.

1/4 tank in my car goes about 60 miles, I’ve never “drained” a full tank, but from a full tank to a re-fill when I was at less than 1/4 (and had a ways to go) I’d done about 300 miles

Very small car BTW

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Better gas mileage 1/4 or full tank? Within the accuracy of the instruments you have to measure it, you will not see any difference. A gas gauge is not a precision measuring device.

Use the cruise control or foot? With a modern cruise control, the cruise hands down. Screwig around with the cars I drive and the trip computers the instant gas mileage is better (as is the average gas mileage) using CC. for the simple reason that the computer will always keep my speed +/- 1 mph. To do this with my foot would require more attention that most people are willing to pay. (Note to nitpickers I did not say a human could not out drive the cruise, just that it would take more attention that most people would be willing to exert.)

I disagree, if you are drivign in hilly terain and allow a slowdown on the uphills and a speed up on the downhills to keep the ave speed the same you can do a bit better w/o CC

Okay I’m game…

Let’s say your tank holds 10 US gallons. The difference between driving full vs. with ¼ tank would be ¾ of a tank or 7.5 gallons. If gasoline weights about 6 lbs/gallon that means you’re driving with 45 lbs less weight than with a full tank. That’s about one third of a person. Notice much difference in your mileage driving alone vs. with a (whole) passenger?

For those really stoned, try and do the calculus and figure the rate at which your mileage increases as your weight decreases via fuel consumed (plus the wear decreasing the radii of your tires, the CO[sub]2[/sub] accumulating in the interior, A/C on vs. windows down…) :smiley:

Yes but now you are adding something into the problem not specified in the OP. Even then unless the driver is paying attention (something most of them don’t do) they will leave their foot on the gas during the downhill negating much of the gas savings.