What gives hunters the right to kill for the hell of it?

I just don’t get it. How could someone kill simply for the sport of it? How could you place a beautiful animal like a Bear or a Mountain Lion in your sights and pull the trigger? Is it an ego trip to kill an inferior animal? Do you see them as being unworthy of living? I really don’t understand. I don’t have a problem with someone hunting prey that is intend as food. That is nature but to kill simply for the hell of it really pisses me off. I am an atheist and I guess that I see other animals as being just as worthy as living as I am because I understand that we are all related living creatures and that every living creature has a right to live! If it were a dog or a cat that you shot for the hell of it, you would be arrested for cruelty to animals. Why is this any different? I guess creationists see them selves as being far superior to the creatures around them and that in some way gives them the right to senselessly slaughter them. I once heard a hunter on TV that had just shot and killed a Lynx say “look how beautiful he is”. Man, it’s not beautiful anymore; it’s fuckin dead!
They just don’t get it!
Try to make me understand.
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It’s fun.

well, it’s quite simple, most hunters don’t hunt purely for sport, but actually eat what they get too. also, by hunting the balance of nature is kept. at least in the US, the Game Commision does a pretty good job of monitoring the numbers of various animals killed, and making projections on how many will and should be killed in the following year(s) to keep a balance. not to mension, did you ever think of the impact not selling hunting licences would have¿ Much of the money gained by selling licences goes to projects to help and preserve wildlife. Nobody has a “right” to hunt, but, then again, who gave you the right to breathe¿

Hunters enjoy the process of hunting–being outdoors, stalking, marksmanship, etc.–and they enjoy the product of hunting, namely, the meat and trophies they bring home.

It’s as simple as that. There’s no “small penis” thing going on, no proving they’re better than some stupid bear. It’s pleasurable for the hunters. And if you point out “yeah, but you’re killing something!”, they’ll point out that there’s lots of hunting and killing that goes on in the animal kingdom, so there’s nothing essentially wrong with it.

There are some hunters who hunt to eat because it’s far more economical to buy a licence and shoot a deer than to buy the same number of pounds of meat in a grocery store, but I believe that’s only a significant minority.

  • This is from a discussion with a hunter at work.

If you are truly an atheist, then you must know man is merely an animal. Why does a cat play with a mouse? Wouldn’t it be kinder for the cat to give it a peaceful death… or just go eat it’s kibble if it’s not going to eat the rodent? Is there any difference between a cat and a man when they practice their hunting skills?

If you argue that there is a difference, then you are elevating humans above the animals.

Many hunters don’t like the idea of hunting only for trophies so don’t paint them all with the same brush. I’d be a little suprised if you found any hunters on SDMB who hunt for trophies and throw the meat away so it may be a short debate. I’m not militant about it but I too think it’s wrong to kill a game animal you don’t intend to eat. Varminting is a different matter as it’s more along the lines of pest control and besides I never developed a taste for gopher.

FWIW if you want to see something to really piss you off look at the The International Wildlife Museum in Tucson. I think they’ve tried to give it an educational slant but it started as a vast collection of stuffed game animals that was dubbed locally as the International Wilddeath Museum. Not a living critter in the whole place. The irony is it’s located on the road you take to get to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, possibly one of the best zoos in the country.

Humans have been killing things to eat since before we were human. It’s the thrill of the hunt. It must be instictive. I like to go dove hunting. I haven’t quite evolved to that tall gray alien with the big eyes that you know must only eat leaves and who longs for peace and loves opera sounds. Yeah he’s a real delicate guy and we all want to be like him don’t we?

True hunters do one of two things with their kills. They feed their families or they feed other families.

I never hunt what I don’t eat or won’t provide to others.


Hunters have the same right to kill that every other animal on the planet does. Sure , hunters kill bears and mountain lions, but every now and then you read about a bear mauling some poor bastard or a deer goreing a hunter. That seems pretty equitable to me. It is almost like natural selection because if you are a lousy shot then a pissed of grizzly will make you into lunch.Hunting is also a basic skill that everyone should know because you never know what can go wrong. Lets say you get lost in a national park for a few days. From what I hear it is a common thing in some of the larger state parks, all it takes is a slight detour from the marked trail and your fucked. Would you rather chance eating twigs and berries that may or may not be poisonous or would you rather shank some tasty woodland creature that is almost certainly not going to be poisonous. I would go for option B myself. Its better to kill “thumper” or “bambi” and live than eat a few berries and drop dead from food poisoning.

I hunt. I kill deer. I eat venison, and donate the meat to Hunters for the Hungry, a very worthy cause.

Before I can discuss the OP, I think it might be of value to determine where rights originate. Once we have agreed on an authority for rights, we can then determine if hunters have the right to kill for sport.

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It has millions of years of history (counting all hominids), so the right was just grandfathered in.

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I have have yet to speak with any hunter who kills for the hell of it. Every one I have spoken with kills the animal then skins it and takes the meat. Without hunters, deer would overpopulated and deplete their food supply. The populations are carefully monitered and it is made sure that species will always be able to recover fully. Hunters aren’t rabid hillbillies that want to hurt animals as some would believe.
I have however yet to talk with anyone that kills predators like lynx. Some do so to make a living (selling skins), otherwise pretty pointless IMO. Sure you could eat it, but why?

Nobody read my post. I was not talking about hunting for food. I see nothing wrong with that.
Rebuttal 1, Cats eat the mouse.
2: they’ll point out that there’s lots of hunting and killing that goes on in the animal kingdom, so there’s nothing essentially wrong with it.
3: No animal other than human kill for the hell of it. They kill for food, territory, or to pass on their genes (a wolf killing a rival wolf)
4.Why don’t cats just eat their kibble? Here is a word IM sure you’re familiar with, instinct! Cats ancestors obviously didn’t have kibble to eat
5. A bear being shot because it mauled someone obviously doesn’t fall into the category of “for the hell of it”.
6. Balance of nature being kept! Yeah, OK, that’s why 98% of all animals on the endangered species list is there because of over hunting!

If there was a god, I’m sure he would bitch-slap all who killed his creatures just for the hell of it. Or did god place all the creatures here on earth simply to be exterminated by another one of his creations? You guys make no scenes!

i make plenty of scenes! Just last week i performed Macbeth in the part wearing only blue body paint and a beanie!

ever smack a bug? KILLER!!!

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::struck dead by Godwin::

Obviously you do not own a cat. Cats, in fact, do NOT eat many of the animals they kill.

My parents’ last cat, who died last year of old age, killed at least one thousand animals that it left, uneaten on the back porch.

Cats do.

Totally false; you don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, almost all animals on the endangered species list are endangered because of habitat loss. Animals wiped out due to overhunting - and there are some, like some species of whale - are the great minority of endangered species.

god wouldnt have given us guns and other weapons, and made deer and other animals so stupid, if god didnt want us to kill other animals.

and i dont kill animals for the hell of it, i kill animals for the heaven of it.

I’m not in favor of killing anything that one does not intend to eat. I’m not in favor of killing ANYTHING that there are too few of in the wild.

…but if one wishes animals to have rights, then let them start paying taxes and otherwise upholding responsibilities. Otherwise, let’s eat 'em.

Flynn: I’m not sure you have proved to us that hunters do kill animals ‘for the hell of it’. Most hunters I know would be similarly incensed if anyone actually did. In fact, in B.C. it is ILLEGAL to kill an animal and not remove the hide/ meat. That said if you want a more academic perspective, look up a book by Stephen Kellert called ``the value of life’’ (bibtex entry below); it’s been a while since I skimmed through it, but some of the reasons according to my highly fallible memory for why people hunt include both a dominionistic urge to kill stuff (perhaps this is what you object to?), a desire to acquire a gut-level connection to the land that hunting encourages (where, rather that hunting to kill, the hunter kills in order to have hunted; explained more eloquently in the book…), a desire to keep populations in balance now that human encroachment and habitat destruction have taken a toll on predator populations, and a utilitarian desire to eat meat. I don’t think any hunter hunts for only one reason; most of us are, like other humans, complex mixtures of several sometimes incompatible values…

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