What good has come from WinXP's error reporting?

I’m referring to the dialog that opens after a non-responding application is closed via the task manager. It requests permission to send information regarding the crash to MS HQ.

What improvements have come from this error reporting? How does MS handle the enormous amount of info?

PS I find this feature annoying and intrusive (any way to disable?).

I too am curious.

To disable it:

Right-click “My Computer”
“Error reporting”

The options to disable it are there.

I don’t have an answer for the first part, but I can tell you how to disable Error Reporting Service.
Go to Control Panel (Classic View) --> Administrative Tools and choose Services.
Find Error Reporting Service and disable it

If for some reason you can’t find Administrative tools in the Control Panel, here is the hard way!

Click on Start and then Run
type “mmc” and click OK
Then, File->Add/Remove Snap In
Click Add…
Then choose Services
Click Add and then Finish
Then Services will appear under Console Root
Click on Services and on the right panel all available services will appear
Find Error Reporting Service and disable it

Note that you have to log on with a username with administrator rights to do that.

I didn’t know there was an easier way to do it :o

Just thought I’d add that from Microsoft’s web site Tom Phillips (General Manager, Windows Hardware Experience Group) said:

and from Greg Nichols (Program Manger, Windows Product Feedback Team)

At least that’s FWIW what they say. :slight_smile: