What good news have you recently received?

Yesterday, I received an email from Stubhub® which indicated that I would soon be receiving a full refund for two tickets for an “in-person” event that had been scheduled for June of this year but was subsequently cancelled because of Covid.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Stubhub is an online service connecting “in-person” event buyers and sellers.

So, what is your good news?

My apartment lease was due for renewal. I was easily able to negotiate 4 months free rent, plus a one time substantial $$ amount credit. NYC is experiencing a huge exodus and apartments are plentiful. Yay for me!!

My company announced weeks ago that there would be no raises this year “with some exceptions” due to covid. Today I found out I am an exception.

I received good news in the form of a new dog, from a rescue. She’s a dream! We lost our last dog in August, heartbreaking when you can’t even see people especially. And dogs are in very short supply here, (many people getting dogs who are home alone I think!)

After several failed attempts, each of which crushed me a little, we finally got accepted and it was THE BEST news ever! And now have a beautiful new dog!

And life is grand! We can’t stop celebrating her! Who needs Christmas gifts now? Not us!

I received a professional award recognizing my contributions to the field.

My company announced that due to receiving part of some sort of state grant (pandemic-related funding, probably,) that they will waive all health-insurance premiums for one month (December). That should save me $157 or so.

That is the best news so far!! Congratulations! I wish you many years of happiness with her.

Boy child, who appeared to be suffering from “failure to launch” syndrome has gotten a job and will be moving out. He got his Masters degree last year, and has lived with us for a couple of years, with his girlfriend rent free. Even in this COVID world he was able to find a job that very well matches his education, his thesis topic, and work experience. The job is out of state in an area where he, and GF, got their undergrad degrees, so they will be moving there. Couldn’t be prouder!

A friend of mine is getting a very nice early Christmas present delivered to their house.

Completely unexpected, found out I’m getting a raise at the small mom & pop steel fabricator I work for. Apparently the cause was championed by the owner’s daughter (our chief estimator). Wasn’t crass enough to ask how much, I’ll find out on Friday :grinning: