What happened concerning Ulrika Jonsson?

I’m not trying to start a thread that’s going to be closed, but I am curious about what happened. If nothing else, I’d like to avoid doing whatever someone else did.

I saw the notice in Cafe Society about Ulrika Jonsson. I’ll admit until that time I had never heard of her. The notice wasn’t too deep on details but mentioned the possibility of a UK libel suit being filed.

A brief search on Google told me Ms Jonsson is a British television personality who is currently involved in a controversy concerning her allegation that she was raped by a well known man who she will not identify. However, her alleged rapist has supposedly been named on a British television show.

Can I assume this is the topic we are suppose to avoid discussing? Is the concern a lawsuit potentially filed by Ms Jonsson or by the alleged rapist? Is the theoretical basis of that lawsuit the public naming of the alleged rapist or the validity of Ms Jonsson’s claim?

Again, I’d like to say that I’m not trying to “push the envelope” with this post. If I have inadvertantly written something that offends the board administration or places the board at risk, please delete this post.