What happened in shower in _Hogfather_?

In Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, what happed to Ridcully in the shower?

I figured he had gotten a very thorough cleaning.

Let’s just say that he had to search a bit to retrieve his brush.


This should help.Scroll all the way down.

In case the link didn’t make it clear, he got a nitric-acid enema at a speed more commonly associated with jet-assisted take-off.

Which raises the intriguing question of whether the flow could go all the way back up through his system and eventually spout of his mouth. Are there any valves in place that would prevent this from happening?

Thank you for the website. Though my boss is probably not going to thank you as I am knee-deep in reading it righ tnow.

I figured it was a close approximation of a high colonic.

“Ye gods! I’ve never felt so clean.”

The ultimate words of warning, and Ridcully ignored them:

“But Sir… it’s a Johnson!”

You’re welcome! Isn’t the web a great thing? (I got sucked pretty deep into the site myself. Too bad lunch is only an hour.)

I love the L-space web, but I lament the lack of upkeep for the annotations.