What happened to Bookbinders?

We were going to make reservations in Philly but found out they were closed - what happened? Will they ever open again? My husband was really bummed - he had the best lobster he had ever eaten there years ago when he was a teenager.

Also, because Bookbinders is closed, we’re going to the City Tavern which we also love. Any recommendations for bars to go to afterwards that is within walking distance? We’re taking a cab to City Tavern to be safe and would like to stay in the general vicinity before we call it a night. Thanks!

On the streets of Phila-del-phia, na na na na na. . . .

It’s back in business.

I live around the corner from the one on 15th St. It’s being renovated as well as the original on Walnut. I can’t wait; there’s a dearth of good seafood in Philly.

The one on 15th Street will shortly become an Applebee’s[TM].

Please tell me you meant to close that post with a winking smilie