What happened to Checkers (the restaurant chain)

There are two nearby. The grounds have been kept up, and for the most part the buildings look to be in good shape, but they have been closed for years. What happened to the Checkers restaurant chain, and why are the building still there frozen in time and somewhat maintained? I would expect that they would have been sold, but there they stand, year after year.

There are several in town that are doing just fine. It’s probably your local franchise that has problems.

As far as I can tell, they’re still operating.

Perhaps the ones that you see were closed, but they continue basic upkeep in hopes of leasing/selling the buildings one of these days?
They are publicly traded and you can check their stock information using the ticker symbol CHKR.

My guess would be that whoever owns the property (Checkers or the franchiser may have only been leasing the land) is the one keeping it up. This would be particularly true if the restaurant is in a shopping center.

Is Checkers related to Rally’s?

I think Checkers was bought out by Rally’s. In some places around here where the two were close together, they closed the weaker store.

I had never heard of Checker’s until about two years ago when a few of them started springing up locally. They’re still here, and don’t show any signs of leaving.

Damn fine burgers.

Got several in Savannah. A similarly-themed competitor, Central Park, tanked a few years ago. Several of those have become Chinese take outs.

In the mood to test your heart? Get Checkers’ bacon double cheeseburger. They should include a gift certificate to a cardiologist with these things, but they’re damned tasty! I’ll have one a couple of times a year.

Checker’s and Rally’s appear to be the exact same thing. Checker’s are found in the south, Rally’s in the north (at least that’s the impression I’ve got from driving up and down the US a few times). They are both great. I wish the one we have here was closer to my work so I could go there for lunch break. Nothing like eating a 2000 calorie cheeseburger. And the fries…:drool:

There’s a Checkers on 10th in Atlanta that I pass every day on my commute. It is VERY busy, with 2 drive-through lanes AND 2 walk-up windows. There’s always a line at every orifice. They have picnic tables outside for the walk-ups.

I’ve never dined there, but folks I know swear by them. I’m intrigued by the (permanent) sign out front: Burgers - Fries - Colas.

Not ‘Coke’ (200 yards from CCE HQ in Atlanta)? Not Pepsi, as an alternative? Nope. Colas.

Checkers patrons: What brand of ‘colas’ do they purvey?

You mean your local Central Parks, right? The ones in my hometown were all still open when I left in December and I hope they still continue to do so… I love their fries and would hate to see them run out of business by the subpar (in my opinion) Checker’s franchise.

And a Chinese takeout? In a Central Park building? It’s only takeout, right? I don’t know how the hell it could fit anything else.
Stockton: Coca-cola products.

Yes. There were several Central Parks. My guess is that the same person or company owned all the franchises. They were not located in the best places (mostly on the wrong side of a busy intersection).

The Chinese takeouts are definitely takeout only. Oddly enough, one of them that’s on the wrong side of the intersection seems to be doing quite well. I’m not sure what the CP guys were doing wrong.

There are several here in Augusta, Ga and there used to be a Rallys downtown, thats funny I thought Checkers bought out Rallys and not the other way around.

theres still a few checkers here in nashville but the one in columbia where i actually dwell is closed and replaced with a shake place. used to be a central park in nashville too… but they closed and someone put in a Fat mo’S hope that one goes national someday… Fat mo’s is the local burger you have to eat with a knife and fork

There are Checker’ses here is SC, and they had them in Orlando, FL. In Kentucky they were (are still, I guess) called “Rally’s”.

Mmmm… Fat Mo’s [/drooool]

Yeah, the Checkers here in Atlanta seem to be doing well.

I prefer Backyard Burgers myself though.