What happened to "Heart of the Sea"

Here last week, gone this week.

Was #1 on my list to see this week and no where to be seen.

Few people went to see it the first week it came out, then Star Wars came out and everyone started going to that and even fewer people went to In the Heart of the Sea, and then a bunch more movies started coming out at Christmas, so fewer screens were available. I don’t know where you are, but it’s possible the movie is still playing at a theater in a neighboring city.

Some wag noted that Chris Hemsworth is a mere mortal when he’s minus his hammer.

It opened here in Scotland on Boxing Day and I’m hoping to see it later this week…

I saw the ads for that movie, and I’m interested in seeing it, but yeah Star Wars is definitely gonna come first. I’ll Netflix Heart of the Sea when it comes out on video.

Mediocre reviews, mediocre word of mouth (B+ Cinemascore), CGI-fest trailer, Star Wars…there was not much working in favor of this film.

I am not sure about the links accuracy, having 3100 screens for 2 weeks seems high.


Box Office Mojo says it had a domestic gross over two weeks of $22,000,000 and a foreign gross of $53,800,000, while IMDB estimates the budget at $100 million. So not a big moneymaker, but that’s going to be tough when it was in the path of a giant storm. Particularly unfortunate as it’s a Warner Bros release and they’ve had a terrible year. Given the other revenue sources for films today, it might still break even, but who knows.

I saw it and liked it enough, but in terms of seafaring adventures, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was better. This, of course, had the advantage of being a true story. One of the last lines was terribly clunky, though.

Herman Melville was leaving Thomas Nickerson, he said something like, “Did you hear that they found oil in the ground in Pennsylvania? Imagine that.” They’re referring, of course, to the early wells in Titusville, PA, which was the beginning of the crude oil exploitation in the US, and the end to the use of sperm whale oil for lamps and lighting.

I loved the book; my husband saw the movie free on post and said he wanted his money back. It was evidently pretty awful.

I read the book and liked it well enough, although it didn’t blow me away, and I have no interest in seeing the movie.

The old lady tossed it off the stern of the boat.


Yes, I know. Ocean, sea… same thing.

As a true-disaster story junkie, I also liked the book. I can’t imagine a cast of young, ripply-muscled studs in these roles. It seems many critics agree with your husband.

It dropped to 685 screens before the weekend.

ETA link: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=daily&id=heartofthesea.htm

This is going to lose a fair chunk of change for Warners, perhaps as much as $100M.

Well, baby, I went down and got it for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEsqGOHo0nI

What I’ve heard is that the real story, as shown in the film, was so boring that Melville had to fictionalize it to make it interesting enough to sell. Note that the “interesting” book was Moby-Dick and “sell” meant 3215 copies in 36 years. It’s that bad.

My wife and I saw it. Nothing amazing, but interesting enough. Always worth seeing Brendon Gleeson.