What happened to human ivory?

I remember some references on some blogs about a british company that artificially grew jewelry made of human ivory using your own bone(stem cells?) as a starting medium… or something like that. Whatever happened to them? I can’t find them online or in the press.

Googling “growing bone jewelry” turned up these folks, and this blurb about them. 'Zat it?

I would have thought there would be some other hits as well, but maybe I’m just parsing those 3 words wrong.

That’s it! Hmm. Somehow my googling attempts did not uncover this, although I guess I kept using the phrase “human ivory” which doesn’t actually show up in a lot of places.

You could have an ivory and diamond necklace made!

To be perfectly honest, I had to spend a few minutes puttering around with various combinations–“jewelry artificial bone growing stem cells”, “jewelry artificial bone”, “growing artificial bone”–before my Google fu kicked in and served up the winning combination.