What happened to my custom title?

I’m paid through March 2013!
Is anyone else missing theirs?

Are you saying you AREN’T the cute one?

It’s showing up right now, at least.

Ok I feel dumb, but how do you enter a custom title? I tried searching the FAQs but I must not have been specific enough or something. :o

Custom Titles are extra.

Go to UserCP/Paid Subscriptions and purchase one.

When you do you will find you have a box in the UserCP where you can enter your very own Custom Title.

Remember that all custom titles are subject to approval by management. Close cover before striking. No custom titles were injured in the making of this posting, though we did kill some animals and a bottle of beer.

within ten minutes after posting the OP, I’d asked the mods to delete the thread - some how my custom title had gotten deleted, so I typed in a new one.

I’m actually kind of glad the powers that be rejected my first proposed custom title, because I’ve gotten so many compliments on the one I came up with as a backup plan.