what happened to that colony of penquins that was doomed by a moving glacier?

about 2 months ago there were reports that a drifting glacier would block the migration route of the penquins , and the colony was going to be wiped out by starvation. Then I lost track of the story.
Was there a happy ending?

You can see it for yourself, but I don’t think these penguins were stranded on a glacier. Does have a happy ending, though, I’m sure.

Don’t worry, none of the penguins in that glacier’s path starved to death. The shoggoths ate them first.

Iceberg B-15A hit the Drygalski ice tongue in mid April, knocking off a chunk of the glacier. The berg then got stuck in Vincennes Bay for a month, but is now moving off.

The June 21 issue of The Antarctic Sun (warning, pdf provides more details: