What happened to the AltaVista search engine?

Why doesn’t the AltaVista advanced web search engine seem to work right anymore? I type
“wav to text” AND NOT “speech”
and I get links with “text to wav” and “speech” highlighted. It seems to just look for anything in quotes like a keyword without regard to the logical operators. Their help page says what I typed should find “wav to text” but excluding any mention of “speech” and without regard to “text to wav”, and indeed that’s the way it used to work. There are zillions of references to “text to wav” and I don’t want them, just the other way 'round.

Another thing - why’d they get rid of the other box that let you rank (sort) the hits? So if you wanted to study baldness in mice you could use “mice” as the required term and rank sites according to how often they say “baldness”. This is very different from finding all the web sites that contain either term (which is what it seems to do now) and also gets you what you want much faster than listing all sites that contain both terms, even if in order of how many times either term appears.

I’m not entirely positive with Boolean, but shouldn’t your search string read “wav to text” NOT “speech” ?

Just use Google.


“wav to text” -speech

Do let us know which solution worked for you.

Try running your search as an advanced search.