What happened to the anthrax? (tinfoil: Iraq, 9/11 - maybe?)

I really am asking a question. I am categorically NOT prone to conspiracy theories. It’s just been forever and I can’t dislodge one central thought from my head, and I’m hoping by posting here and getting answers, I can.

People tend to think of 9/11 as something that happened one day. I don’t. The anthrax stuff happened over a few weeks right before - with letters going to really arbitrary places and THEN political figures.

Then, one sunny day in New York City… 9/11 happened.

Out of that specter, we decided it was time to take on Al Queda and go to Afghanistan to kick some butt. We screwed it up some… letting Osama get away, bailing before really finishing the job, stuff like that - in large part to…

Go to war with Iraq. Now the argument for going to war with Iraq was WMD (at the time). I don’t know that that argument would have flown had the anthrax scare not laid the foundation for that argument.

But 9/11 loomed large. And the anthrax story slowly just… died away. Without resolution.

The question of whether the anthrax was so central is part of my thing. The question of where it came from (SOME idle speculation would be ok… I suppose) is part of this. It just seems… too convenient. Am I wrong?

It’s just like a splinter in my brain… help me dislodge it? Am I cracked?

I think that you’re right that it just died away, with no resolution, but incorrect in that the attacks were over a period BEFORE 9/11. It was shortly after.

Wikipedia backs me up on this, as does the FBI website

Fair point, apologies. Either way I mean it was over a course of weeks. And the USPS just isn’t that slow…

What I think is interesting is the link between the deaths of several Microbiologists after the Anthrax attacks. The only reason I know anything about it is because Don Wiley had visited St. Jude’s in Memphis (where I was) the day of his death. He, for no apparent reason after giving a talk, got in his rental car, drove back to his hotel, somehow missed it but instead got on the interstate (which isn’t really a mistake you can make because I know the roads there very well), drove up to the bridge over the Mississippi, got out of his car, and jumped off. The FBI stated they do not believe foul play was involved…

The only reason I think it’s strange is because I know several colleagues who physically met with him that day, and they all said he was in perfect mental condition. He was going to vacation with his family out of Memphis.

Here’s two websites that give background on his case and many others who died after 9/11. I’ve seen some sites that tie in the deaths of up to 11 scientists in strange ways.

Site 1

Site 2

There’s some evidence that the FBI has screwed the pooch on the investigation, focusing heavily on one scientist for years, and ignoring all other leads. I have to wonder if this guy wasn’t somehow involved. Yeah, he was found with ricin and not anthrax, but neither one of those things is something that you’d want to play with. And if you’re worried about anthrax, have a cup of tea and relax.

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