What happened to the Church of St Mark in Alexandria during the Napoleonic invasion?

While looking at the wiki entry for the Church of St March in Alexandria (that was recently attacked by ISIS), I saw this snippet:

There is no other description, and the event is not mentioned in the page on the French invasion of Egypt. I can’t find any other references to this event.

So what did happen the Church of St March during the French of Invasion? Was it pulled down? And by whom? I found a reference to the French pulling down part of the Church of St Mark in VENICE that same year, so is this an erroneous entry?

The chuech, and a bunch of other churches near it, we’re destroyed during the French occupation. I’ve seen distant acc ones, so don’t know if it was destroyed in the battle for the city, by French troops during the occupation, or by anti French mobs taking revenge on Copts for the occupation.

It’s had a pretty chequered history

I am not sure why it was “pulled down” by N. but he wanted to appease the muslim leaders and it’s possible that someone thought that destroying a Christian Church might curry favour with them.