What Happened to the Easter Zombies?

Though this question has been posed before, we have never arrived at a biblical explanation for what happened to the Easter Zombies as described inMatthew 27:50-53:

They were not ghosts, they were bodily resurrections, so did they continue living after Jesus went to Heaven? Did they die again, or are they living still, as immortal Easter Zombies?

Don’t have any answers for you, but this article touches on it:
What happened to the resurrected people?

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…and the thought of immortal Easter zombies just gives me the screaming heebie jeebies! :eek:

The least embarrassing answer proposed by various biblical commentators seems to be that they ascended bodily to heaven when Jesus did 40 days later.

You are mixing up *resurrection * with reanimation. They werent zombies, they were living people.

Just like when they shock you back to life, you’re never legally dead, and you are not a zombie.

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That’s the opposite of what the text actually says:


The Jewish mothers tried to fix them up with their daughters, and the resurrected all went back to their tombs where it was safer.

What you quoted is there verbatim in the original Greek:

και πολλα σωματα των κεκοιμημενων αγιων ηγερθη
kai polla somata ton kekoimemenon hagion egerthe

But the bodies were raised to life and zombies are undead, not living. They might be flesh golems but then they’d have had to swap body parts so each was made of at least 6 bodies.

Yes,* raised *to LIFE, not *animated *to undead.

He spent those three days filling his Bag of Holding in the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Mineral.

I think you’re splitting hairs - The zombies in this documentary are described as ‘living’

Jesus apparently retained the Stigmata post resurrection. Are the other people who were bodily resurrected supposed to have also retained the wounds that killed them? Depending on how traumatic their deaths were, I imagine Jerusalem might end up looking like the waiting room in Beetlejuice.

I wonder why they didn’t just think the resurrected continued to live normal lives and died normally later.

Does the Bible ever say what happened to Lazarus? Did he just live some more as if he never died and then die normally?

Wouldn’t that be 43 days later?


Of all the things the historians could have written about, you’d think they would have included that time the dead got up and walked around Jerusalem. Really, how would anyone know anything about some guy the Romans killed when on the same day the contents of a graveyard wandered into town?

Maybe I’m missing your point. What’s the functional difference for the purposes of this question?

If people, who had been entombed, thus presumably dead, came out of their tombs and started walking around, wouldn’t that be shocking and noteworthy? What happened to them- did they live years and die natural deaths (again) or were they immune to death having been raised from the dead before?

They were no more zombies than a persona who has been resuscitated in a ER is- this has nothing to do with zombies.

However, what happened to them after is a point of biblical debate. Some say they went about normal lives then died normal deaths- other say they were apparitions only- others say “they must have gone to heaven with the Lord when He ascended.”