What happened to this thread about Flipkart?

Google’s cache shows me a thread titled “Why Flipkart Become #1 in India?” in GQ, asking the question “Can anybody tell me, what the major thing that put flipkart on the top of the inida’s online market.” The thread doesn’t appear to be spam, so I’m confused as to why it was deleted.

To those who don’t know, Flipkart is India’s top online retailer, and it recently raised a billion dollars from venture capitalists. While the question above is more IMHO than GQ, there’s no reason to delete it.

The OP was just driving driving traffic to his website, which is where the link went, not to the flipkart page.

ETA, if you go back to the thread (which you said you found, but I don’t want to link to it). Look at his profile and you’ll see a link, then hover over the link in the OP and you’ll see it’s the same one. He didn’t care about the ‘question’. He just wanted people to click on the link, nothing more.

ah ok. I assumed the link went to Flipkart. My bad.