What happened to this thread?

What was with this thread?! It has me as the first poster, but when I posted I swear there were two other posts before mine that were pretty much gobbldygook, thus my post. I notice it’s closed now.

I kind of look like an idiot there. (I know, no big stretch).

Probably was a spammer or a sock and TPTB vanished the posts.

My guess is that spam posts were removed.

It probably went like this.

A Moderator noticed spam and deleted the posts but neglected to check the box that says to remove all threads started by the spammer. Thus, only the spammer’s posts were removed but your post remained in the thread.

A different Mod happened along and saw the thread as it is now without knowing the history and locked it thinking that you were the OP and started something too silly for the forum.

Spammer gibberish meant to get past filters (I don’t think TSDMB has any such filters, but TPTB can clarify that). You saw stuff like “The floppy dinosaur wafted cheerily through the bus,” right?

'Twas me.

I did indeed ban the OP and disappear the posts – then my browser crashed and by the time I was up and running again I forgot I was in the middle of tidying things up on him. (All his other posts were midthread, from which they could disappear without leaving a hole in the space/time continuum – this was his only OP.)

Sorry about that – will go do now.

Actually, it did make it look like I created kind of a profound OP, in a non-existential Learyesque kind of way.

Thanks for the explanation.

Yeah, I was having some serious flashbacks to my misspent youth as well. :wink: