What happened to Wikileaks Arjen Kamphuis?

Arjen Kamphuis, from the Netherlands and 46 years old, is a colleague of Julian Assange.

He was last seen leaving a hotel in Bodø, Norway dressed in khaki walking clothes on the 20th of august. He was booked to do a talk in London on the 22nd. He never showed, despite a reputation for punctuality. His friends reported him missing on the 29th. It is believed that he had already bought a train ticket for Trondheim.

His mobile phone was briefly switched on Vikeså, a small municipality of about 1000 people just under an hour outside of Stavanger, Norway on the 30th of august. Its just over 1000 km from Bodø by air, or 1500 by road. A SIM card was inserted. It was German.

His friend, Ancilla Tilia says he was looking forwards to switching off his phone and being offline during his holiday. She would not comment speculations that he had received death threats.

Today, possessions identified as belonging to Arjen Kamphuis was found floating near the shore by a fisherman in Kvænflåget, a fjord near Bodø and the Great Maelstrom.

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