What happened to yellowpages.com?

Today I was looking for a particular type (sporting goods) store on the above mentioned site, now hooked-up with infospace, and all I got was paid listings. Mostly online. It didn’t mention Big5, Sportsmart, or any of the other local stores. I used to be able to list a type of business and all the stores of that type, supermarket or clothing or whatever, within a specified radius would be listed.
Am I using the wrong site? Well, I know I am, but does anyone know of a site that operates as I describe?

I use ‘yp.yahoo.com’ It has local businesses.

Didn’t it become Yell.com? :confused:

Try www.switchboard.com

I think so. Whatever it is, it sucks.

Both of those are good, and saved. SDMB people are cool :cool:.