What happens if a police officer or firefighter refuses a call?

Whenever I read an article online about police officers or firefighters facing some sort of disciplinary action, I’ve noticed that someone in the comments section almost invariably chimes in with something along the lines of “Just be glad they’re there and hope they show up if you call them.”

Since the whole point of having professional police and firefighters is that you don’t have to worry about whether they’re going to show up, this made me wonder. What would happen to a firefighter or police officer if he or she got a call and said “Eh, I’m not going to take it” and refused to go out?

I work at Starbucks and this didnt happen at mine but another one that someone i know works at. Some starbucks give cops and firefighters and arms services members free or discounted drinks. Anyways this cop came in and asked for a free coffee and the person on register said well sorry but we dont do that here. The cop said oh ok well thats the difference between a 5 minute response time and a 20 minute response time. Anyways long story short our manager contacted the police department for a complaint and the cop got in trouble.

Something else that DID happen at my starbucks was early in the morning while i was working two cops came in for there break. They got a call on their radio and one of the cops ran out, the other said whoa whoa whoa there are other people who can answer lets finish our bagel first :confused: so yeah… Just my observation