What happens if a presidential nominee dies before the election?

God forbid either person running for president (I’m sorry Mssrs. Nader and Barr, but you don’t count) should pass on in the near future, but if should happen, what happens if either dies before election day?

The national party leadership will nominate a new candidate (most likely the existing VP nominee) to run for President.

Remember, the President and VP are really elected by the Electoral College, and Electors will generally vote for whomever their party tells them to. So it doesn’t even matter if your guy dies the day after all the ballots are printed.

Here’s the text from the rules of the RNC:

I’m sure the Democrats have an equivalent rule but I didn’t find it in my limited Google search.

The various states have different deadline dates for producing final ballots. Depending on the exact date of death and replacement, the ballot may or may not reflect the actual candidate.

The name of the ballot doesn’t matter because, as friedo says, you are not voting for a candidate for the electors to represent that candidate in the Electoral College.

Do a little searching. This question has been asked and answered about 15 times this year. Well, maybe not 15, but more than once. :slight_smile: