What happens if I stop paying my Blue Cross-Blue Shield Obamacare policy and go bare?

For this question I’m not interested in the relative wisdom of going bare re mandated health insurance, just the tax, legal etc. consequences re what will happen with respect to penalties or enforcement.

So I delete the $310 monthly e-check to BC+BS of Maryland from my online banking electronic check payment list, no more payments to them! What happens now?

You’ll have to check your policy, but generally, if you don’t pay your health insurance coverage, it lapses and you’ll lose it.

If you’re curious as to the penalty for not having health insurance, as of 2015, it’s the higher of 2% of your annual income, or $325 per person in the household 18 or older, and $162.50 per person under 18, up to a maximum of $975 per family.

Afaik, there are no legal ramifications unless you fail to pay for any health services you might need. In that case you could have your paycheck garnished and credit rating trashed.

For taxes, try this calculator - Features | Tax Policy Center

Also, the penalty only applies if you lack health insurance for 3 months in the year or more, and, if you lack health insurance for less than the full year, you pay 1/12th of the penalty per month you lack it.

You are at greater risk of catching cold, flu, or pneumonia if you go bare, especially this time of year.

(ETA: Uh. . . Was that a little tooooo obvious?)