What happens if the Republicans win?

What would happen if the Republicans win the presidency? Regardless of which party wins that race, the Republicans are almost sure to retain control of the House and Senate. Justice Ginsberg won’t last forever, and a Republican president would replace her with a conservative justice. They would then have control of all three branches of government.

Obamacare would be repealed. Entry into a war in the Middle East would be more likely. Roe vs Wade would come under more pressure.

What else would come about under a totally Republican government?

Minimum wage would not go up (or up less).
Not just Supreme Court, but lower courts wold become more conservative.
Funding for education/science would probably drop. Though there might be some move in favor of vouchers or other ways for public to finance religious schools.
Immigration reform would less likely have amnesty or other routes for citizenship.
Clean air/water restrictions and enforcement would likely weaken.
A general more favorable attitude towards business including in particular banking and finance.

People will lose their health insurance. Supreme Court veers right, Roe overturned. New wars in Middle East. Relations with Cuba terminated. Iran deal reneged on, Iran starts nuclear program again. Tax breaks for billionaires. Social Security privatized. Minimum wage eliminated. Renege on carbon emission agreements. Muslims deported or incarcerated. Immigration reform dead. Wall built and paid for by Mexico.

Darkness falls.

Well, Obamacare wouldn’t be repealed because that would require 60 Senate votes, which won’t be there even under the most optimistic projections for the GOP. It would still be messed with quite a lot, however. It would be really interesting/depressing-as-Hell to see what the Republican spin-machine would look like once the data begins to roll in that shows a massive increase in the uninsurance rate. I imagine that meaningless phrases like “freedom” or “Obamacare liberation” would get plastered across the White House lawn.

You have to realize that it’s basically the GOP goal right now to permanently freeze Democrats out of policy making altogether. The Supreme Court will be filled with a conservative majority that would ostensibly persist for at least two-three decades, during which time it would hear and strike down virtually every Democratic initiative.

At that point, the best thing for the next Dem president to do would be to ram a Court-packing package through Congress.

One wonders whether “Destroy Obama at all costs” might be what finally leads Senate Republicans to deploy the nuclear option.

Its all covered in the last book of the bible.

Continued Brazilianization if its anybody besides the Donald.

Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

In reality, the biggest shift you need worry about is the appointment of another conservative to the Supreme Court. But even that isn’t certain. If history repeats itself, a Republican President will try to over-reach in his first two years, resulting in major losses in the House and Senate in 2018. That in turn will force the administration to work with Democrats in choosing a new Supreme Court justice, which would then be someone more like John Roberts than Clarence Thomas.

The checks and balances of government that the left has been trying so hard to get around will still be there, and the President will have limited power. Even if the Republicans hold the House and Senate, they won’t have huge majorities, and not every Republican in the Senate is a right-wing firebrand.

As for wars in the middle east - are you under the impression that those wars are already over? The Middle East is going to be a huge problem for the next President regardless of which party is in power, and you be almost assured that the result will be more American soldiers going there. You may not choose war, but sometimes war chooses you.

If Donald Trump is the nominee, I would not be surprised to see the Republicans lose the Senate, as there will be an awful lot of Republicans sitting home on election day. Expect Trump to try to run the country through the sheer force of his populist personality, with little regard for boundaries. He’ll surround himself with corporate crony types and do ‘deals’ as his method of governing. Yay.


I assume he means Obama’s executive order on immigration and his executive memo on gun control.

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together . . .

But wait! there’s a downside.

Life will be worse for many people. And the dipshits of the GOP base will blame the liberals for it.

I imagine they’ll cut taxes and pump the deficit into the stratosphere, since, they believe that cutting taxes makes the government more money as an article of faith. When it doesn’t happen, they just won’t think about it.

To war! To war! With a hey-nonnie-nonnie and a HA-cha-cha!

War, of course. As mentioned, the demise of the ACA and the privatization of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid–with the result that millions will die far sooner than they would have otherwise. So: the ‘boomer bulge’ gets solved! (Buy stock in the mortuary business stat!)

As for those young enough to stay (relatively) healthy despite lower wages, longer work hours, and less health care: cannon fodder. And the middle-aged who don’t die off right away, yet can’t afford to live–since working 80 hours a week to earn enough to pay only half the rent will become common–“Opportunity Centers” will bloom in American deserts and former nuclear-test sites, in which the dispossessed can Better Themselves through Labor. Foxconn showed us the way: it’s up to us to put it into action!

(Also: Canada will have to build a wall. It will become impossible to keep out desperate Americans without one.)

We’re already at war, and we’re ramping up, not ramping down. Libya is next on the list.

I agree that Republicans would likely make it worse, but lets not pretend we’re not at war or that we’re getting out of war. And let’s not pretend that HRC would be less hawkish than Obama. She almost certainly would be more hawkish.

Nothing will happen with Social Security and Medicare because the elderly have too many votes.

The social safety net for the non-elderly will be gutted. There will be two steps. 1. Merge the programs into to block grants and transfer to the states. 2. Gut the block grants.

Tax cuts for the rich.

Environmental programs will be gutted; in particular climate change programs will be eliminated.

Surprisingly nothing will be done to overturn the Supreme Court decision allowing abortion; too many women of the Republican elite are pro-choice.

The will be a new Cold War with Russia and more military adventures in the Mideast.

…the Deluge.

Unless there’s some seismic shakeup among the candidates, it currently looks like the nominee will probably be Marco Rubio, who is at least perceived as sane and acceptable to the establishment. And the results would be very, very bad, pretty much as indicated upthread.

The man is an incredible hawk on foreign policy and far-right on domestic policy, unless he moves vastly to the center after the primaries. The longest-lasting impact and possibly the most disastrous might be in the Supreme Court, which after mind-boggling rulings like Heller and Citizens United is already leaving a trail of disaster in its wake that rivals that of a major tornado. Just imagine Scalia, Alito, and Thomas getting a couple of buddies on the bench with them who think exactly like they do.

Oh, I think that’s generally agreed.